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The Art of Glasses

Glassware, traditional cocktail glasses have sloping sides and a stem, making ihem ideal for drinks served without ice or large, elaborate fruit garnishes. But you may also find ones with a rounded cup, reminiscent of the well loved style in the twenties and thirties and jmilar to champagne glasses. These come in a variety of sizes, with capacity ranging from 3 to 6 ounces. The large ones are most suited drinks made with cream or fruit juice, and the smaller ones are porlect for dry aperitifs, other cocktails, and very alcoholic after dinner drinks. By the way, the thinner a cocktail glass is, the quicker it will chill in the refrigerator.

Rocks glasses are small, with thick bottoms, and are also known as low ball glasses. They are so named because they are most commonly used for serving measures of straight liquor poured “on the rocks.” Ancient-fashioned glasses, another type of small glass with a bump in the bottom, are used for the eponymous classic blended whiskey and sweet vermouth drink.

Both these glasses are interchangeable and no in a range of sizes, holding 4 to 10 ounces, while a double ancient-fashioned glass has a capacity of about 16 ounces. Tall straight highball glasses, holding about 8 ounces, are the ones used for a spirits plus a mixer, such as scotch and soda or bourbon and water. Collins glasses are similar but larger and often frosted, and used for the sweetened gin and soda drink called a Tom Collins.

Balloon-shaped brandy snifters range in size from 5 ounces, small enough to cradle in the palm of one hand, to ones for holding up to 3 cups of liquid. Whatever size you choose, but, the most vital feature is the narrow opening. This allows the drinker to sniff the drink’s concentrated aroma easily. Always remember only to pour a thin layer of brandy in the bottom of the glass—it should never be filled above one-quarter full.

An American-style champagne glass, also called a champagne saucer or a coupe, or a tall, European-style champagne flute, is the natural choice for serving any sparkling wine or aperitifs prepared with champagne or sparkling wine, such as Kir Royale. Perhaps the most useful glasses to have behind the bar are wine glasses. The ideal white wine glass is thin with a tall stem and is tulip shaped, which bellies at the bottom and narrows at the top. The red wine glass has a shorter stem and is also slightly tulip shaped. The burgundy glass is the most versatile of the red wine glasses. It can, in fact, be used to serve beer and red aperitifs, too.

A useful, inexpensive, everyday wine glass, with a balloon shape, which is suitable for serving either red or white wine and numerous cocktails, is called the Paris goblet. Note that when pouring wine, a huge glass should be filled only half full, and a small glass only two-thirds full. Dessert wines or brandies are served in a small, tulip-shaped liqueur glass, or in a liqueur saucer. You can also use the liqueur.

In serve fruit spirits and fruit eaux-de-vie. Dessert wine glasses ,iKo appropriate for serving fortified wines, as well as flips,, and other small drinks. Alcoholic and nonalcoholic punches are well loved for celebratory gatherings and other large parties. Punch glasses are squat glasses lerized by having a handle and wide opening, but not a stem. If you are serving a hot punch, grog, or mulled wine be sure to use a h oof glass with a handle that will not become too hot to hold.

In addition to the above classic types of glassware, there is also a plethora of special glasses, such as the pousse-cafe glass for the well-known layered cocktail, the flip glass, the sour glass, and novelty glasses for just about every occasion. But, as already mentioned, it is only worth acquiring all these glasses in the rarest of cases, because most drinks can be served in glasses you already own, even if the style is not quite right.

If, for example, you already have white wine glasses, I use them for fizzes and crustas. If your champagne flutes are not too narrow then you can also serve flips, frappes, and daisies in them, kinds of tall glass or Collins glasses have versatile uses and, for example, are ideal for highballs, fizzes, and milkshakes. Carafes or pitchers also have a place in your home bar. They are excellent for pouring fruit and vegetable juices, cream, and milk.

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