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Tips For Cooking The Best Fajitas

Fajita is generally beef, chicken, pork or shrimp grilled and served on a flour tortilla with condiments. The chicken is worked with onions and bell peppers. Fajita is served to the table sizzling loudly on a metal platter with tortilla and condiments on the side. Making your lips watery?

Texans want to take credit for giving the world fajitas but the honor goes to south of the border, Vagueros, who learnt the art of cutting tough beef into skirt steak. Fajitas are basically Tex Mex dishes. Nowadays Fajita is nearly anything cooked and wrapped in a flour tortilla. Only right fajitas are skirt steak.

The preparation of Fajitas starts with marinating the beef using limejuice to tenderize at least for 24 hours. Well, there are no set rules for marinating; you can use your creative sense for that, but don’t forget to use limejuice. To marinade beef or chicken, you can use the Ass Kickin Soakin’ and Grilling Sauce. This would bring a right Mexican flavor.

Fajitas are real fun to eat, and here are the ways to cook the best Fajitas, namely:

Grilling an exciting fajita
Traditional method for cooking fajita is over coal for approximately 6 minutes on both sides for skirt steaks around one pound. After the meat gets cooked, you should let it rest for a few minutes and cut it across the grain diagonally in to finger length strips.

Oven broiling fajitas
Broil the meat 4 inches below the flame for about 6 minutes on both sides. Then you can let it rest for a few minutes and slice it diagonally in to finger length strips.

Pan frying fajitas
Drain the meat and cut it across the grain in finger length strips and fry over high heat for not more than 1.5 minutes turning frequently. Roll them in flour tortilla. Choose thick tortillas available in any supermarket. Warm them up by sealing in foil packages, 6-8 at a time. On a frying pan, add few tablespoon of olive oil, cut one large onion and separate into rings and cut bell peppers into strips. Add them to the frying pan and stir fry. Serve with stir fried onions and bell peppers.

Some specialized fajita preparations are Pico-de-gallo, guacamole, Fajita on a stick, Fah-HEE-Tah, Beef Fajita Marinade and many more. Here are a few, which I find fascinating, but you can always add your magic touch to them:

This fiery and flavorable salsa is like any other salsa but the ingredients are finely chopped. If rightly made it is hot. Since people make it to their liking they can control the heat.

Cool and buttery smoothness of guacamole adds the finishing touch on a fajita. Experiment your thoughts on it and get it right. My suggestion is to select the right Avocado of Haas variety with brownish-black skin with a pebbly texture.

Traditional skirt steak has to be marinated for long 24 hours in limejuice, red capsicum and garlic. Cooked meat is cut into strips and them wrapped in a warm tortilla and garnished with salsa or guacamole.

Fajita On A Stick
Soak 8-9 bamboo skewers for 10 minutes. Trim stout from steak and cut crosswise into ½ ” thickness. Thread equal amount of beef weaving back and forth onto skewer. Combine dressing and lime juice. Brush on beef peppers and onions. Place vegetables on grid for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove and add beef to the centre. Add salt. When ready, serve beef and vegetables in tortilla with salsa.

Beef Fajita Marinade
Combine limejuice, tequila, crushed dried oregano leaves, cloves of garlic, minced fresh cilantro, ground cumin, ground black pepper. Mix well and pour marinade over meat, refrigerate overnight or even 24 hours in zip top bag. It makes enough marinade for 1 ½ pound flank steak.

Fajitas are terrific for informal dinner party. It is inherently festive or goes hand-in-hand with margaritas or Mexican beer and Tex Mex treat. Excellent Luck! Taste your own Fajitas, don’t go for the restaurant version of Fajitas.

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