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What Is In My Coffee?

One cold winter morning in a small town north of Chicago IL a man named Jim stands really paralyzed. He just witnessed what appeared to be a sign that we are not alone in the universe. As he stands with his head looking up at the north sky and he tries to comprehend what just happened. It was a regular morning just like every other. The winter chill pierced the skin and made the body shiver just like it would every other January. The difference this time was the sky seemed to be dimmer. While on his way to work Jim stopped in for a cup of his favorite coffee, and he noticed something new a flavored coffee called Bourbon Truffle. He questioned the clerk in the store “Is this coffee made with real bourbon?” The clerk answered “No! Just artificial flavoring!” Curious about the taste of this coffee Jim buys one large cup.

As he sips his hot cup of brew he notices that the flavor was unbelievable. It was as if there was a shot of Kentucky Bourbon in his cup. It had a hint of heavenly sweet chocolate that made this the best cup of joe Jim ever had. As he continued his journey he started to feel a small weird. His chest and arms were starting to throb. As he continued to walk to work he heard an ear piercing sound that made is head feel like it was going to explode. As he stared into the dim sky he saw what appeared to be a round floating object. Stunned with amazement he stood motionless with awe-inspiring dread. The floating object seemed to have a glow about it that was certainly not of this earth. In an instant the object was gone. He rushes to work in a panic and he realizes that if he told anyone they would reckon he’s gone nuts. He takes his last sip of coffee and turns to throw the disposable cup in the trash. Before he clocks in he chose to confide his experience with a friend he believes he can trust.

“Carl” he calls out. “Hi Jim!” Carl answers. “I have to tell you something that I saw that you won’t believe.” Jim relates. “What is it?” Carl questions. “I have worked with you for about 4 years. Right?” says Jim. “Give or take.” Carl answers. “Would you say that I am in anyway the type who over reacts?” Jim pleads. “Not at all. In fact, you are in my opinion the most sound person here.” Carl relates. Jim reveals his experience with caution to Carl. He knew that if anyone at work would believe him it was excellent ole Carl. Carl and Jim had been through a lot as co-workers and have accomplished things most said could not be done. You could say they had a fantastic working relationship. As Jim tells his tale Carl stands with a confused look on his face. “Have you lost your mind?” Carl questions. “Forget it!” Jim answers. “You of all people know me and know that I would not make something like this up.” Jim demands. “It just sounds so crazy.” “Have you been under any stress?” questions Carl. “Well, a small, but nothing traumatic” Jim pleads. “The only thing that I have done differently this morning was I tried a new cup of coffee.” “It was supposed to have artificial bourbon flavoring, and besides I only had one cup,” he clarifies.

Many people like Jim who seem to have close encounters with alien life try to reason with themselves as to what really happened. Was it really an alien encounter or just a fantastic cup of coffee? We will let you choose.

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