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Bottled Drinking Water Is Bottled Bunkum – IMO

My father used to joke about drinking recycled water. “You never know where it’s been” he used to jest. I’m sure that recycled drinking water is perfectly safe otherwise western governments wouldn’t be supporting these water purification plants, but I have to say, I’ve always wondered about the authenticity of bottled drinking water.

Take it out of the fancy bottles and remove the swanky names and what do we have? Water. Water that is no more beneficial or harmful than excellent ole tap water. In fact recent studies in Europe have concluded a study that says tap water is really better for us than the expensive alternatives sold on the high street. Tap water in many western countries includes fluoride too which as we all know is fantastic for healthy teeth and gums.

I wonder if anyone really moderates the bottled water plants. I mean, how do we know if the claim for fresh-from-the-mountaintop bottled drinking water is really what it says it is? And who owns mountain springs and country steams anyway?

My dear grandmother, rest her sole, lived to the ripe ancient age or 88, and throughout her lifetime she drank tap water at hundreds of different homes throughout the country. Always straight from the tap with Granny, in fact she thought we’d all gone bonkers when we started paying for plastic bottles of water. She use to say, “I’ve cooked with it, brushed my teeth with it, bathed in it, and made all my ice cubes and ice lollies with it, and nothing ever happened to me”. And she was right. She never got hooked on tap water nor did she get sick from it, and it certainly didn’t kill her.

There have always been a few discussions going on about contaminants in tap water, but I tell you something, if we keep sterilizing and purifying everything we drink, eat, or touch, we’re going to end up so delicate as a race that we’ll be living in protective bubble because out immune systems won’t be able to protect us from the slightest of germs.

Live and let live, that’s what I say, but please Mr. Waterentrepreneur, sell your fancy bottled water and make your sparkling claims, but please don’t do it by scaremongering. We are not going to die a sudden death if we continue to drink water from the tap no more than we’re going to live any longer and boost our immune systems by drinking your bottled bunkum.


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