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Can Green Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, you will find that drinking green tea can help. In fact, the beverage is quick becoming an alternative for dieters who prefer weight loss programs that help them lead a healthier way of life. Here are a variety of reasons why consuming green tea periodically can help you reduce your weight.

Cutting down on calories is one way to lose weight. Drinking tea in place of coffee and cream, a combination that’s abundant in calories, will greatly help in your quest for weight reduction. Aside from cutting back on your weight, green tea consumption is also excellent for your health since the brew comes with beneficial antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids.

Most weight loss programs commonly include green tea in their plans because of the beverage’s properties that cause suppression of appetite, which then causes a person to control his food intake. Green tea contains caffeine, a substance that’s effective in inhibiting food craving, making it an effective appetite-suppressant.

Green tea can also help you lose weight by repressing the effects of insulin, which is responsible for the conversion of glucose into energy that’s then stored into stout. The delay in the insulin action causes sugar to be went directly to the muscles for immediate use. This reaction caused by green tea is essential for the body to lose weight.

Incorporating green tea in weight loss programs can also help in the promotion of thermogenesis, a process essential for the body to lose weight. The thermogenesis process entails the burning of body stout and the release of calories. This vital process is a result of the interaction between the caffeine content and the catechin polyphenols found in green tea. This is one reason that weight loss plans based on green tea are successful in speeding up the body’s metabolic rates, which eventually helps the body lose weight.

In one study, various groups of people were administered with caffeine to determine how that compared to green tea in thermogenesis. The results showed that people who consumed green tea had higher thermogenesis compared to those taking the equivalent amount of caffeine without green tea catechins.

Since losing weight is also associated with exercise, a new study might be of help to exercise buffs who are fond of drinking green tea. A recent study was conducted to test the effect of regular intake of green tea extract. It was found that taking green tea extract regularly boosted a person’s endurance in performing exercises by up to 24 percent.

Study findings have indicated that a certain compound found in green tea might be instrumental in helping people to lose weight. These compounds are called flavonoids, which are thought to modify the way the body utilizes norepinephrine, a hormone that monitors the burning of calories. When flavonoids react with the other ingredients of green tea, more calories are burned, a process that assists people in losing weight.

One other ingredient in green tea that helps people lose weight is the compound catechin polyphenols, which also interact with other green tea ingredients. This reaction helps lose weight through the burning of stout and through the process of thermogenesis.

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