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What are Good Vanilla Jasmine Tea Blends?

Vanilla jasmine tea is unique among many flavored teas. Because jasmine and vanilla’s flavors meld so well with other flavors, excellent vanilla jasmine tea can be made from any tea variety. There really is no “best” blend of vanilla jasmine tea; it’s really more dependent upon your tastes. But, here are some things you can expect from different blends of vanilla jasmine tea.

Black Teas

Vanilla jasmine tea is very often made from black tea. And, of course, there are literally hundreds of different black teas, each with its own unique flavor.

One of the most well loved varieties of black tea is Assam black tea. Assam teas are grown in the northeast part of India, along the border to Burma. Vanilla jasmine Assam tea will be bold, but not overly so, and will have a very mellow taste because the typical flavor of Assam tea should blend quite nicely with vanilla. The most notable fragrance will be that of jasmine, which will also add a lingering sweetness to the tea.

Chinese black teas are also very well loved for making vanilla jasmine tea. Chinese black teas are very flavorful and are known for getting better with age. The flavor of a Chinese black tea will grow deeper and richer as the tea gets older. A Chinese black tea flavored with vanilla and jasmine will be complex with a variety of flavor notes.

Ceylon black teas, from Sri Lanka may also be used to make vanilla jasmine tea. This black tea is sweet and nutty with a medium body that blends well with the flavor of vanilla. The jasmine scent will be extremely fragrant when combined with Ceylon tea.

Green teas

Though the overwhelming majority of the world’s plain jasmine teas are made with green tea, it is less common for vanilla jasmine tea. Vanilla jasmine tea made from green tea will have a very light and natural taste, giving you a right sense of the botanical. The flavor of green teas can vary based on where they’re grown and produced. For example, green teas grown in Japan have a much greener and grassier flavor than those grown in China. This is because all Japanese green teas are steamed rather than fired, which protects the original flavor of the tea leaf.

Though there will be subtle difference, you can count on all vanilla jasmine green teas to brew a pale liquor and have a lingering sweet flavor.

White teas

White teas are the mildest of all teas. This is because white tea leaves are harvested when the tea leaves are very young, before the buds are even opened. These young tender leaves, combined with the simple processing that white tea undergoes are what make it so mild. Vanilla jasmine tea made from white tea will be very sweet and refreshing. This is the most delicate blend of vanilla jasmine tea and will taste wonderful iced on a hot summer day.

Many tea drinkers who are used to drinking black or oolong teas will find white vanilla jasmine to taste nearly like an herbal tisane because of its lightness. Though the flavor of white tea can vary somewhat based on where the tea is grown, you can always count on white tea blends to be light and sweet.

Oolong teas

Oolong teas can vary greatly based on where they are produced. Oolong teas are semi-fermented, making them fall somewhere between and black tea and a green tea. Some oolongs are fermented longer than others, making the flavors quite different.

For example, a Formosa pouchong oolong tea from Taiwan is fermented only about 15%. Vanilla jasmine tea made from a pouchong tea would have a very botanical flavor, much like a green tea. On the other hand, a traditional oolong that has been fermented to about 30% will have a flavor that is complex, with notes of honey and wood to combine with the vanilla flavor and jasmine scent.

So, as you can see, vanilla jasmine tea blends can vary quite widely depending upon the variety of tea base that’s used to make them. No two vanilla jasmine teas will taste quite the same, which is part of the fun of trying them.

In addition, the jasmine and vanilla used to make the vanilla jasmine blend has a huge effect on the tea’s quality and flavor. The best vanilla jasmine tea will be made from real vanilla bean pieces or pure vanilla extract and will receive its jasmine fragrance and sweetness from real jasmine blossoms.

Making tasty vanilla jasmine tea requires skill in balancing the flavors appropriately. The best vanilla jasmine tea is expertly blended by tea artisans who are experienced in blending the tea for just the right amount of time to make the perfect flavor. This timing will vary based on the tea base used.

For example, a stronger black tea will require a heavier infusion of vanilla and jasmine to obtain an appropriate flavor than will a white tea, whose mild leaves will absorb the jasmine and vanilla flavorings more fully, making a stronger vanilla and jasmine flavor.

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