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Juicing With Whole Foods

Juicing with whole foods can be a natural remedy for many ailments. These natural whole foods are available nearly everywhere today. Most of the supermarkets offer a very nice selection of organic fruits and vegetables. You can grow many of these wonderful whole foods in your own organic garden. Juicing with these whole foods is an simple and proven way to improve your health with this natural remedy.

It is unfortunate that most people in the world don’t eat right these days, especially Americans and Europeans. You can know unhealthy eating when there is poverty but in our land of plenty unhealthy eating is a choice. We choose to consume processed foods with small or no nutrients or vitamins. The processed foods are well loved because they are quick. Juicing whole foods is quick and provides a natural remedy for many health issues.

Consuming processed and quick foods has made a multi-billion dollar industry of selling supplements and vitamins. Reckon about this, we spend our hard earned money on fancy processed foods then spend more of our money on supplements and vitamins. Now I don’t know about you but I would rather buy foods and use juicing to make quick healthy foods for my family. Most juicing recipes requires less than 15 minutes, preparation time, processing and clean up.

Many of the prescription drugs taken today are the result of not consuming a diet high in whole foods. Of course if you work for a pharmaceutical company this might be a excellent thing. Thankfully there is a movement in the western world seeking natural whole food with natural remedies to solve many of our health problems. This movement to healthier foods has made a demand for these foods and the supermarkets have responded with more organic foods.

Juicing is an brilliant way to consume the foods in large quantities that offer a natural remedy for many ailments. To really know how food can be a natural remedy we need to look at what natural food is and what it does for our bodies. Food provides the fuel for your body, providing nutrition and energy. Excellent, unprocessed foods, strengthens the immune system. It lets our body fight off diseases and heal. Simply place, to have a strong immune system we must consume a healthy diet, which is a natural remedy at its best.

There are over 3500 disease fighting phytonutrients in whole foods, which are only available through whole food juicing with the proper equipment. Manufactured supplements can only provide 150 of these phytonutrients.

Most of us have heard all of our life that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Well with whole food juicing there is a lot of truth to this saying. When you make whole food juice using all of the apple, skin, stem and seeds you get all of the phytonutrients locked up in the apple. Also, you will get all of the fiber, which is a requirement for a healthy diet. The whole food juice from an apple with all of its vitamins, phytonutrients and fiber is truly a natural health remedy.

The vitamin C in oranges has always been known, but when oranges are prepared in whole food juicing the vitamin C can increase as much a 400%. In whole food juicing you use everything, even the seeds, except the zest.

Knowing that these vitamins and phytonutrients found in whole food juicing serves as a natural remedy to many illnesses should lead a person to examine their diet and add whole grains, whole fruits and whole vegetables, which are all natural sources of fiber.

Oats, such as those found in normal breakfast oatmeal are a natural remedy for high cholesterol and can be used in whole food juicing. Jalapeno peppers, high in iron—more iron per ounce than beef liver – are a fantastic of source of vitamin C, and really contain more vitamin C per gram than equivalent citrus fruits, with the additional benefit of spicing up a excellent whole food juicing meal and adding some zest.

The best way to protect our bodies with natural remedies is to improve our eating habits with whole food juicing.

Donna and Romie Walker have been organic gardeners for many years and are the owners of organicgardeneronline.com organicgardeneronline.com

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