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Sweet and Sassy Salsa – Cheap Thrills and Healthy, Too

The burning sensation that makes hot peppers so appealing to thrill seekers comes from Capsaicin. The compound Capsaicin is a superior pain blocking ingredient (found in some sports rubs & liniments) and is found in the cross ribs or membranes of the fruit. Yes it’s a fruit. That’s why the meat and seeds are the hottest.

Bell peppers are are just like Savena peppers, but lack the “heat” because they lack the gene that pushes the production of Capsaicin. Bell peppers have different enzyme stacks that present a different set of problems for some folks. Vinegar will help that.

A pharmacist named Scoville in 1912 came up with a “heat” index that is widely used today. even though it is somewhat subjective. The Scoville Units Scale scores the amount of Capsaicin in the pepper, thus the amount of “heat.”

Habanero King Reds: Why eat the Savenas? They taste excellent. They are more than just HOT. They have a smoky, fruity flavor that is distinctive yet blends well with most anything. I have learned how to tame and blend the very hottest Habaneros to present some very exciting and tasty products.

At Sweet and Sassy Salsa we use the Habanero King Red (the Savena) in all of our gourmet recipes for salsa, bbq sauce and hot sauce. The Scoville scale puts the hottest Jalapenos at 5,000 units; the Habaneros at 300,000 units. The King Red is at 500,000 Scoville units. Fascinating, huh?

There are a few secrets to cooking with salsa that I will share over time. I delight in cooking with these products. From Stir-fry to BBQ and veggie dips. Do you know what one can do with fish?

I will reveal one of the small known facts about tasting salsa and determining if it’s made well or not. If you place salsa in your mouth and you immediately get a burning on your lips and tongue, it’s probably made with cheap powders and salt. If but you swallow it down and then the fire comes when you exhale, that’s made well. I like smoke to come out my ears. The exit wounds are a dead giveaway as well with the cheap stuff.

At sweetandsassysalsa.com/” target=”_blank sweetandsassysalsa.com/ you can join our recipe club. All natural Sweet and Sassy Salsa guarantees no exit wounds. It’s more fun than eating preservatives and salt and powders.

Huge Jeff Jones is a certified Food Safety Manager in Florida and a Hot Pepper Expert and Grower. Raised in the bottoms, Jeff left home before he finished high school, then graduated and travelled extensively in the music business for several years. After developing a taste for Thai and Szechuan food and never being able to buy what he wanted, he developed his own products. A grouchy bachelor from 17 until he was 32, he learned to cook. Now 20 years later he is still happily married to wife Tia and they have 3 teenagers at home, who all work in the family biz while maintaining incredible GPAs. Huge Jeff is a bass player in a working blues band in central Florida and runs several businesses on the web.

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