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Goji Juice Popsicles: Goji Fun for the Whole Family

Goji Juice is one of the most well loved nutritional supplements in the world. Manufactured from the mythical goji berry, it’s widely heralded as the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. Thousands of families drink goji juice everyday, and because the juice is so tasty, most of them simply drink a few ounces of pure juice.

But, families with small children might want to add additional fun to their daily intake of goji juice. This is where the imagination comes into play. There are numerous fun ways to consume goji juice, and one of the most well loved is by making goji juice popsicles!

Goji Juice Popsicle Recipe


3 Ounces package of gelatin/Jell-o (choose your favorite flavor)
8 Ounces of goji juice
1 Packet of Kool-Aid (choose your favorite flavor)
1 Cup of granulated sugar
2 Quarts of water


First, bring the water to a boil. Next, pour the water into a tall pitcher. Combine each of the above ingredients, and stir until fully dissolved. Pour into paper cups and place a tray of the cups in the freezer. Once the ingredients start to thicken, add popsicle sticks and place the cups back in the freezer until they are fully frozen. The result is a freezer full of tasty goji juice popsicles!

A summer favorite, popsicles have been loved by millions of children in the nearly 100 years since they were first introduced. By combining popsicles with the nutritional benefits of goji juice, children learn that maintaining excellent health can also be fun and tasty!

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