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Natural Sweetener – Different Kinds of Sweetener Alternatives

Throughout history, humans have been adding natural sweeteners to food in order to make it more palatable. Up until today, people still use natural sweeteners as one of the primary ingredients in food. In nature, there are different kinds of natural sweeteners that you can use to make every meal you eat tasty in taste.

But, you also need to consider the fact that science has found a way to make synthetic sweetener or artificial sweetener. During the past decades, artificial sweeteners proved to be much cheaper than natural sweeteners. In fact, every household in the United States uses some kind of artificial sweeteners as food additive. Because of the development of artificial sweeteners, the natural ones have been neglected and are now less used in many households in the United States today.

Americans are also growing more and more concern about their health and the kind of foods they eat. Sweet foods are now considered to be unhealthy and can cause different kinds of illnesses if taken in a long term basis. But, what people don’t know is that this is mainly because of the effect of artificial sweeteners that is now widely common in households all over the United States and the civilized world.

Research has found that it is not really the sweet food that causes different kinds of diseases but it is mainly caused by the additives in artificial or synthetic sweeteners. Further research suggests that natural sweeteners are healthier than artificial ones. But, some people say that artificial sweeteners bring out more of the flavor on food. What they don’t realize is that natural sweeteners are as excellent as the artificial ones regarding the taste and also the potency.

There were also findings that natural sweeteners have less calories and are considered to be healthier than the artificial ones. Natural sweeteners are recommended for diabetics and it is also recommended for people who are on a diet but still likes to eat sweets.

So, here are the different kinds of natural sweeteners that you can add to your meals to make it more tasty without worrying about the terrible effects on your body:

Stevia – This is a type of sweetener used by South Americans and because it contains fewer calories than other common sweeteners, it is now growing very well loved in the United States. This particular sweetener can be added to nearly any of your food and beverages that needs to be sweetened. This particular sweetener comes in powder tablets or liquid

Tagatose – This is another type of natural sweetener that is found in milk. Tagatose has the same chemical composition as fructose but in terms of chemical and physical characteristics, it is quite different.

Agave – This particular sweetener is very well loved among health and diet fanatics. It has fewer calories than artificial sweeteners and is recommended for diabetics. This particular sweetener can act as a substitute to honey. But, Agave is not as thick and as sweet as honey but many people have said that it has a wonderful taste that you will truly like.

These are some of the different kinds of natural sweeteners available in the market today. So, if you want a healthier alternative to artificial or synthetic sweeteners, you should consider getting some of the natural sweeteners mentioned. It will provide you with better tasting food and also effectively managing diabetes and minimize the risk of rotting teeth.

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