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What You Must Know About Tea Preparation, Including How Water Quality Affects Your Tea

It’s all about your tea preparation!!!!

Tea preparation isn’t hard at all. But there are a few things that you need to pay attention to in order to brew a excellent quality tea. Follow these simple guidelines for your tea preparation and delight in your tea!

Cleaning your teapot and tea cups.

Generally, when you clean your teapot, you rinse it out with cold water and set it to dry. There’s nothing incorrect with that, but do you reckon of cleaning your teapot before using it? What if it has been sitting on your shelf for a few days, do you clean it then?

Quickly rinsing your teapot with cold water from the sink is an option. But the best way to make sure that your teapot is clean and that all the bacteria have been killed is to boil water and then pour it in the teapot and tea cups. This will kill all the bacteria and leave you with a very clean teapot and tea cups that are ready to be used.

Warning: This does not apply to porcelain or fine China teapots or tea cups, because if they become too hot, there is a chance that they could break because of the heat. (And you certainly do not want that to happen!)

This cleaning method has a three-fold effect.

1) It cleans your teapot and tea cups of all kinds of bacteria as bacteria cannot survive in boiling hot water.

2) It washes away the smell of other teas.

3) This will help keep the tea warm in your teapot and tea cup.

Note: Never, never, never, wash your teapot with soap. Not only does it leave the possibility of soap residue left over, but it could affect the taste of your tea and soapy tea has never and will never taste excellent!

The quality of the water and it’s role in tea preparation.

The quality of the water you use for your tea plays an vital part in your tea preparation as it will affect how the tea tastes. If you use hard water (that contains calcium, impurities, chlorine and other hard minerals), it will ruin the flavor of your tea. (Hard water will usually be found coming from your sink, unless you have a water softener.)

You can use water directly from your kitchen sink, but it might contain too many hard minerals, which will result in a poor tasting tea.

It is preferable to use bottled water unless you know for sure that your sink water is soft, meaning that it contains no or small hard minerals.

How to decaffeinate your tea.

To decaffeinate your tea, brew a cup of tea but do not drink this 1st brew. Throw it away. This 1st brew will contain most of the caffeine. The 2nd and 3rd brew, from the same tea leaves, will result in a tea that contains less caffeine.

But, the 2nd and 3rd brew might need longer to be thoroughly infused, so keep an eye on it.

How to brew your tea strong, light, hot, cold, or iced.

Whether your tea is strong or light depends on how long you infuse it for. Some teas do best when infused for 2 minutes and other teas need 5 minutes to infused properly. But, you can let your tea infuse to your taste. If you like your tea to be strong, you will want to let it infuse longer than usual. You know best for yourself.

Should you be offering tea to guests, brew it as it is recommended. You may like your tea strong, but not everyone might!

You also have the choice of drinking it hot, cold, or iced. This is up to you!

The 4 golden tea rules.

1) Rinse your teapot and tea cups with boiling water before serving the tea.

2) Boil fresh, or soft, water. As soon as it is boiling, pour it directly over the tea bag.

3) Let the tea infuse for 2-5 minutes.

4) Stir and serve.

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