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The Germans are well-known for a lot of things; one of them is brewing. With over 1300
different breweries spread across the land, beer is an vital part of their culture
and heritage. As far as per capita beer consumption, the German people are only below the
Czechs and the Irish. The monks started to experiment with brewing around one-thousand
A.D. at the beginning of the Germanic history The nation’s monarchy eventually started
to legislate the production of beer as brewing became more and more profitable. The most
vital and influential factor to influence German brewing came about in
fifteen-sixteen with the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot, or the purity standard.

To help make sure Bavarian beers were only the best quality the Duke Wilhelm IV
authorized the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot. The document states that beers must only be made
of water, hops, and barley. Unaltered after nearly five-hundred years, the Reinheitsgebot
is the oldest legislation place on food on the earth. Yeast is the only addition to the
list of essential ingredients in the proclamation. Manufacturers before had just used the
yeast that was naturally in the air. Bavarian beer makers were soon known as the best
producers of beer because of the stringent standard of quality following by the purity
requirement. As the notoriety of the Bavarian breweries spread across the nation other
manufacturers started to adhere to the proclamation as well.

As a result of the Reinheitsgebot, German beers have a long-standing reputation of
producing quality beers made from only the best ingredients. A lot of locations became
well-known brewing spots as time passed and Germany started to export beer. By 1500,
Scandinavia, Holland, England, and even as far as India principally recieved their beer
from one of the more than 600 breweries in the town of Bremen. A couple of other well-known
brewing towns were Einbeck and Braunschweig. In modern Germany, most of the country’s
beer-drinking people still prefer fabbier, or draft beer, over bottled beer because of
it’s full-bodied flavor and right amount of head foam. In use still today, German beer
steins became well loved about the time the purity standard came about in an effort to stop
further breakouts of the black plague.

During the era of the black plague, Germany originated several regulations to stop its
people from getting ill. Infection would spread as large amounts of infected flies landed
in citizen’s food and beverages. This led to the German beer stein, a beverage vessel
with a hinged lid that could be operated with the thumb so somebody could prevent
infection and still be able to drink with their free hand. As citizens started to learn the
plague spread in unsanitary conditions with stagnant water, beer drinking rose
exponentially. German beer steins were originally made of stoneware with pewter lids.
German beer steins started to be made completely of pewter for nearly three-hundred years
as the pewter guild became more powerful. Eventually, porcelain and silver steins were
introduced and are still produced in the present.

More than 5000 brands of beer are produced today from more than 1350 breweries within
Germany’s borders. The oldest beer maker in the world that continues operation today is
the Benedictine abbey Weihenstephan, that has been making beer since one-thousand and
forty. The Franconia region of Bavaria by the city Bamberg is the most concentrated area
for breweries in Germany. Most beers can be placed by ales and lagers but German
breweries produce a large variety of tastes. The majority of beers have an alcoholic
content from 4.7% to 5.4% but some types can be as high as 12%, making them more
powerful than a lot of wines.

Michael Usry is a long-time beer lover and contributing author for “Beer Maniac” fanzine in Austin, Tx. He is also a top affiliate at beertaps.com beer tap handles, and steinsandglassware.com german beer steins, websites for household draft beer accessories.

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