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Have you ever watched any older “Drew Carey Show” episodes? Drew Carey and his friends spent a fantastic deal of time in his basement, brewing up as much of their own kinds of beer as they could. Many times, they messed around with the different recipes, but there was one thing that stayed the same at all times. That was its name – “Buzz Beer”. What better way to commemorate your own hard-working trials and tribulations to the winemaking business, then to bring it all together with your very own marks! Yes, you can now buy marks to affix to your own personal bottles of homemade wine!

If you are really looking to get fancy, and you have been making enough wine to supply a small village, then you may want to spend the forty dollars to buy an actual winemaking marks CD-ROM for your computer. Yes, you can make professional, custom-designed marks for all occasions, and for all kinds of wine. As long as you have a basic understanding of the Windows program, the CD-ROM of “Classic Studio Labeling System” touts that you can “start making your own marks from the minute the program is installed.”

I want to add once again that – if you have not washed your bottles properly before you bottled your wine into them, then some of your wine may taste a bit different than others. Therefore, for your own sake, maybe you should try not to add your own name to the mark. Instead of something close to, “Mike’s Super-Brilliant Vintage Wine”, maybe you need to be a bit more creative. Try something like, “The Only Time My Feet Smelled Excellent” or something a bit more original. But, some of your friends may not want to try that particular brand of wine, especially if they know that the once-grapes of the wine were squishing between your peeling, possibly-Athlete’s foot feet! (Oh, what a pretty picture!)

Really, there is a better way of crushing grapes nowadays, and you can be sure to have duplicate results as if your feet were doing the crushing. One – you could simply use your hands and be done with it (just expect to have some colorful hands if you are using store bought grapes. Can we say, artificial coloring?) The other way, and the more modern way, has been to crush the grapes in a somewhat large version of a sieve, with a miniature-looking boat paddle to squish them to its sides. As far as I am concerned, I am sure that a sieve like your grandma used to use will do the job just as well!

Well, whether you want to go by the classic, dull names of “Merlot” or “Cabernet”, or just mix things up and call your concoction by much livelier ones, just be assured that there are plenty of different template, text, and graphics to design your own mark. If you want to get eccentric, most copier and craft stores sell self-adhesive mark papers for about ten dollars per eight sheets (makes 32 marks)!

Okay okay, enough of the facts. Let’s place some of this knowledge to use. Your marks won’t matter much if your homemade wine isn’t up to par. You’re about to access over 190 homemade wine recipes. 190! You can pick and choose, make them all, or just open up your own house to friends who are looking to get into this fantastic leisure activity.
thecomputerguynetwork.com/info/Wine-Making.htm Click Here to access Step-By-Step instructions for Making Fantastic Homemade Wine.

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