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We all know about June weddings. Anniversaries
are also a fantastic way to celebrate life. During the
warm weather, it is sometimes simpler for families
to get together for one of the monumental dates –
such as 25, 50 and 75 years. They are special
indeed and need to be treated as such.

Buffets with a touch of elegance are always a sure
fire way to success. A menu featuring family favorites
as well as coconut ice cream balls tinted in the color
of the wedding party (taken from photographs if it is
a surprise). Assorted “tea” sandwiches, golden wedding
rings (recipe on bottom), and fruit or frosty punch. A bit
of lace and hearts (no, it’s not corny) and a cake a bit on
the shy side of a wedding cake, but just as special.

The invitations should be silver for 25 years, gold for
50 years and diamond for anything over 60 years.
Candles, roses, and ancient photographs dress up the
table and add to the memories. Using the family
silver service and punch bowl will also give everyone
a feeling of special. The day, like the original wedding
day, will be remembered in the hearts of the wedding
couple, but also in all the guests that are invited.

There can be a gift table, but usually gifts are not necessary.
A nice touch would be if those invited gave something
nostalgic, something that the couple would find endearing,
or even amusing. If you go to second-hand shops, there are
so many items that are a token of the past. They can be
cleaned up, polished, painted, or decorated. These small
but dear gifts will just add more like to the occasion. So, when
anniversary bells ring, give the best anniversary buffet. It is
worth the work and the thanks will be the right smiles of
appreciation from everyone.

Wedding Bells:

1 8-oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened, maraschino
cherry juice, unsliced sandwich loaf
Thoroughly blend cream cheese w/enough cherry juice to make
it of spreading consistency. Slice the sandwich loaf thinly. With
a cookie cutter in the shape of a bell, cut the bread. Spread
filling on the cut-outs. Trim with cherry slices if desired.
A tasty treat that is also a fantastic decoration.

Golden Wedding Rings:

1 3-oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened, 3 tbs. mayonnaise, 1/2
cup chopped pecans, 1/2 cup drained crushed pineapple
Blend cream cheese and mayonnaise (or use salad dressing
of your choice). Add the nuts and pineapple.
Bake your favorite nut bread and use a 1-lb. coffee can.
Fill each can 2/3 full. When cool, remove from the can and
slice thinly. Remove center from each slice with a doughnut
cutter. Spread generously with the cream cheese mixture.
Or, you can use regular bread and slice with the doughnut
cutter, remove center, and spread with mixture. Lay on a bed
of parsley and you have a gorgeous table setting that will add
eye appeal to your buffet.

©Arleen M. Kaptur
August, 2007

Arleen M. Kaptur has written many books and articles on everyday living and finding peace and joy in all we do.

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