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“Chocolates” As Medicine

The word will certainly water your mouths irrespective of your age. People of all ages will surely like to have chocolates, but at the same time you have to worry about several factors that are perilous to our health while you take in a lot of chocolates. There is a myth that children are mainly affected by more intakes of chocolates. But recent research has proved that chocolates are not injurious to health, since they are rich in nutritional values. So you can give chocolates to your children and they can consume it without any hesitation.

The sugar content in chocolates may contain some oral bacteria which will cause dental decay. This can be overcome by washing your teeth with water after eating chocolates or the intake of a piece of cheese will help. Cheese has the capacity to pull out even the slightest trace of chocolates present within your teeth.

Presently scientists have found out that chocolates contain endorphins in the brain which act as a pain reliever. It will raise your appetite with increasing your weight. It will increase your life time by keeping you relaxed from stress and strain.

Chocolates are rich in cocoa content which is a rich source of polyphenols which belong to flavanol group. Polyphenols are found out to be very excellent antioxidants that ruin free radicals in our body. Free radical is the enzymes which causes severe diseases like cancer and heart attack.

Chocolates contain the following nutrients.

• Chocolates are rich in polyphenols which belong to flavanol group.

• They also contain essential trace elements which are excellent for health.

• The cocoa is the richest source of magnesium and it is also to be noted that the deficiency of magnesium may lead to hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases.

• Chocolates are also rich in iron, calcium, potassium and vitamins A, B1, C, D and E.

There are chocolates which are injurious to health also. They are the ones that sold for low prices. These types of chocolates contain saturated fatty acids and high sugar content which are harmful to our health.

Dark chocolates
Dark chocolates are the ones which have a larger amount of cocoa content. The high content of cocoa will produce an epicatechin which is an active member of a group of compounds called plant falconoid. There are many medicinal advantages in consuming dark chocolates. They are:

• Falconoid present excess in dark chocolates keeps the cholesterol from gathering in blood vessels. It also reduces the risk of blood clots and also minimizes the immune responses that lead to clogged arteries.

• Dark chocolates are recommended for healthy heart by doctors.

• It also increases the blood flow in the artery.

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