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There are certain things about my childhood that are less than pleasant, but worth telling about. This happens to be one of those experiences. I was always assured of getting three square meals a day and then some. They were nutritious, filling and for the most part very tasty and enjoyable. Every day breakfast was different. Pancakes one day, eggs and bacon the next, toast and hot cocoa on certain days and then there were the days we had the dreaded oatmeal.

I would hear the water being poured into that pot and I would literally shudder knowing I would have to eat it. I was told that oatmeal was excellent for me and it would make me strong and healthy and when my bowl was empty I could have a piece of toast and jam. I was never forced to eat it. Just the promise of toast and jam assured my grandmother that I would empty my bowl. Even with honey or maple syrup on top I did not like it. It was slimy, gooey, sticky and it made me gag.

Today I like oatmeal, I eat it at least three times a week. It took awhile for me to figure out why I did not like it when I was younger. It was cooked too long. I only use ancient fashioned oats. The quick oats are sticky like I remember and the instant ones are even worse. That gooey texture can not be covered up with artificial flavors. The way I make oatmeal does not result in a pot of tasteless goo. I place about 1-cup of water in a pot and a sprinkle of salt. When the water comes to a boil I dump in 3/4-cup of ancient fashioned oats. I stir it once and when it starts to boil, I shut the burner off, place the cover on and let stand 5-minutes. That results in a flaky, nut-like taste and with a small honey or berry sauce on top it is tasty.

I usually buy a certain brand of ancient fashioned oats. A few days ago my oatmeal canister was nearly bare, so I questioned someone who was going to the store to pick up some ancient fashioned oats for me. This morning I opened the box of oatmeal and proceeded to make myself breakfast. When I place the stuff in my bowl I was disgusted because it looked just like the oatmeal of my youth. The box says ancient fashioned oats, but it is not my regular brand. I inquired of this person as to why they did not get my regular brand. I was told that it was a lot cheaper and oatmeal is oatmeal. I disagree.

Needless to say, I will not buy ancient fashioned oats if there is not a pilgrim smiling on the box. Some things may be cheaper but if the quality is not there they are not worth the compromise.

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