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Why I Cook For 87 People

My step daughter always teases me when I use the number 87. It’s my “exaggeration number”, meaning that every time I exaggerate something I use the number 87.

Perhaps it gets dull using the same number after awhile, but my kids always know when I’m stretching the truth.

Perhaps that’s also why I thought I’d title this article the way I did. See, there are 6 people in my family; myself, my husband, and four children. Mealtimes are quite an ordeal – anyone who has more than three kids is nodding their head in agreement right now.

Even though I delight in cooking, I’m all about efficiency and speed when it comes to preparing the next dinner; which is why I cook for 87 people. I find this simplest to accomplish in my crock pot.

If you venture to my website ( natalies-recipes.com ) you’ll notice that the majority of the recipes are crock pot recipes with a preparation time of 15 minutes or less. Once again, I desire speed and efficiency. There’s nothing more efficient than throwing all your ingredients in a pot, turning it on, and doing other things while it’s cooking. And 15 minutes is pretty quick.

While you’re looking at the recipes on my site, you’ll probably also notice that the meals I prepare serve 8 people (because 3 of my kids are under age 5, collectively they count for about 1 2/3 servings). Therefore, I always have leftovers. And, I always freeze the leftovers.

Once of the most gorgeous things this past holiday season was the fact that for days before and after the holidays, I had enough frozen leftovers that I didn’t have to cook. After slaving for 8 hours in the kitchen for a holiday dinner, it’s so wonderful to just pull out a container, thaw it out, heat it up, and serve. The more stress free we can make our lives the better!

So, start cooking for 87 people. Use that freezer in your garage or basement. After a long day of work (whether it’s at home or the office), you’ll smile when you know how simple dinner is going to be.

Natalie is a work at home mom who likes crock pot cooking and quick and simple recipes in general. To view her crock pot recipes visit natalies-recipes.com natalies-recipes.com, which also includes a variety of helpful hints, cooking tips, quick and simple recipes, fantastic products, and a fun and informative newsletter.

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