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Is it truth that sweets can be seasonal, like kinds of sport or cloth? Yes, they can. In winter it’s time for us to pass to all that dishes, we refused to eat in summer: thick, hot, nourishing and hearty.

What we need to eat in winter

All fruit with vitamin C – it strengthens immunity and prevent from colds, give forces to us, tones up and cheers you up, like tea or coffee. Plenty of vitamin A is vital, as it controls our excellent adaptation to long gloaming and small light day, moreover, it makes our skin elastic, able to resist cold and freeze. So, we generously add citrus juices, rich in vitamin C, or black-currant syrup in all desserts.

Sea-buckthorn juice contains a lot of carotenes (provitamin A). Yolks contain natural vitamin A.

Immune system needs a lot of protein – it produces antibodies of proteins, protecting us from flu and bugs. Milk, cream, sour cream are brilliant sources of protein.

All hot dishes help nutritive materials to be completely assimilated and in cold weather protect us from excess weight – as completely processed food nearly is not saved in our organism as hypodermic stout, but burn during calorification. That’s why we like hot dessert drinks in winter so much. Kitchen herbs, improving blood circulation, have the same warming effect – cinnamon, cloves, ginger, – and strong alcohol – rum, brandy, whiskey and cognac, – that are generously added in fillings for pies, cakes, puddings, spice-cakes and cookies.

Warming sweet drinks

Do you always boil tea with water? Try to cook a “mountain Scotch tea” on milk! Pour a table-spoon of black tea with boiling milk (400 ml), leave covered for 7 minutes, add 2 table-spoons of flower honey or brown sugar to your taste. Children like this drink.

A “mountain tea for a lady” is very fascinating. Whisk 2 egg yolks and 100 g of sugar in white foam and mix with strained hot tea, boiled on milk. A drink will be very nutritious – obviously, in Scotland men liked chubby ladies with voluptuous shapes.

Note, – black tea, rich in tanning agents, helps organism to assimilate milk – including people who stand milk terribly.

You can drink hot juices, instead of usual tea, – orange or black-current ones, adding sugar to them and serving up 35% of whipped cream without sugar. A hot grape juice with a pinch on cinnamon, couple of cloves and a tea-spoon of orange peel is very tasty.

Forget about calories!

Of course, we won’t do without hot chocolate in winter – aromatic and piquant. Melt 70% brown chocolate (150g) broken to pieces on a water bath with milk (100 ml), then add a peel of one orange, half of tea-spoon of cinnamon and again 200 ml of hot milk. Mix everything carefully and boil to the boiling point. Remove from cooker at once. Whip 35% cream (200 ml) with a table-spoon of powdered sugar and fixing agent (1 packet) in reckon wavy foam. Pour hot chocolate in 2 huge cups, cover with whipped cream and powder with cocoa powder or cinnamon. You can add liqueurs – egg, amaretto, creamy, coffee, and also cognac or brandy – in hot chocolate, instead of peel and cinnamon.

Note! Cranberry, cowberry, banana and coconut liquors and vodka don’t go with hot chocolate.

It’s as simple as pie

You never used half-stocks to cook cakes and pies? You’d have to. You will save powers, time and receive a wonderful tasty home product. Before baking, you can add melted butter to a half-finished product (instead of vegetable one, noted in receipt), and also candied fruits, raisins, dried apricots, prunes, orange peels, jam and grated black and white chocolate. As a result, you will receive a unique dessert. Or soak just baked chocolate cake you have taken out of oven 5 minutes ago with a mixture of 100 ml of brandy, warmed-up with a packet of vanilla sugar and a table-spoon of coffee. Then pour with chocolate icing of chocolate melted on a water bath (200 g).

Note! Almond or filbert you add in pastry before baking can greatly “refine” a cake you bought in a store. Calcine nuts in an oven under 200C during 5 minutes, peel them off and crush with a knife to huge bits. You will need about 100 g of nuts for one cake.

Parfait “Winter sun”

Your husband will like this ice-cream with bitter sauce of brandy!

We will need: 5 egg yolks, 150 g of sugar, 100 g of powdered sugar, 100 g of sea-buckthorn juice, 3 egg-whites, 300 ml of 35% cream

1. Warm up sea-buckthorn juice with sugar, wait until sugar dissolves and the liquid thickens.

2. Whip hot sea-buckthorn syrup together with egg yolks using mixer. Mass should increase its volume twice.

3. Whip cream into a wave foam. Mix it with the rest egg mass.

4. Whip egg-whites and powdered sugar in elastic thick foam separately.

5. Mix creamy-yolk and egg-white mass together carefully.

Place into mould and place in freezer compartment for 6 hours, till mass hardens.

Cooking a black sauce

We will need: 200 g of black 70% chocolate, 6 table-spoons of water, 120 g of sugar, 50 ml of brandy.

1. Boil water with sugar in a pannikin. Remove from fire and leave for a while.

2. Add chocolate broken to pieces in syrup. Place on slow fire. Mix until chocolate melts, then pour brandy.

Cool sauce till room temperature and serve up with ice-cream.

Right winter desserts
1. Cake and pretzel
2. Hot patties with jam or nut filling
3. Pies with nuts, chocolate, cotton cheese

4. Biscuit pies
5. Pastry
6. Dessert cream
7. Creamy ice-cream

Incorrect winter desserts
1. Fruit jelly
2. Yoghurt cakes
3. Curd cakes with gelatin
4. Open pies with berries
5. Berry mousse
6. Light yoghurt ice-cream

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