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Different types of lobster are well loved on dinner tables all around the world and are the basis for a 1.8 billion dollar trade. The name lobster can mean a large group of crustaceans but is most commonly associated to the clawed lobsters.

Lobsters can be found on rocky, sandy and muddy bottoms where they live on fish, worms, molluscs and other crustaceans. They also eat some vegetable matter. They live on a wide variety of different depths and can be found from the shoreline out beyond the edge of the continental shelf. Different types of lobster can be found in nearly all of the worlds oceans.

Lobster can live to be over 100 years ancient and the largest lobster ever recorded weighed 20.14 kg (44.4 lb) and was caught in Nova Scotia, Canada. Such huge lobster are but very rare and are growing increasingly rare due to a intensive lobster fishing that regulates minimum but not maximum size of caught lobster.

The lobster has long been an appreciated food among the nobility in Europe even though it was to expensive for most common men to eat. In America on the other hand lobsters wasn’t a well loved food item until the 20th century. Eating lobster was for a long time a sign of poverty and in some area of Canada they used lobsters as fertilizer for their fields and for feeding their slaves. All this changed when better infrastructure allowed for the shipping of live lobster from small coast settlements to the mayor cities. This rapidly transformed the lobster into a luxury item.

The Lobster is best eaten fresh and is often sold live. (Frozen lobster is also common.) The live lobster is later often place into boiling water and boiled alive. Some people find this method of preparation cruel and there have been a number of studies into whether lobsters can feel pain or not. No conclusive answer have been reached. Some studies conclude that they can other that they can’t. Other methods of cooking lobster include steaming, grilling, frying and baking the lobster. It is best not to boil the lobster first if you want to grill, fry or bake your lobster.

Lobster are usually eaten with the help of tools that help you get to the meat inside the shell but it is possible to eat a lobster using just your hands as long as you avoid the sharp edges on the shell. The tail can as an example be twisted of after carefully squeezing the sides of the tails inward. A regular fork is usually enough to get to the meat in the claws. These two parts of the lobster, the tail and the claws contains the majority of the meat on a lobster and many people prefer to just eat these parts. There are but meat to be found in the bones and in the torso as well. Lobster can be used to cook a wide variety of different dishes but is often eaten in more simple dishes consisting simply of boiled, steamed or grilled lobster.

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