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One Cup Coffee Makers For The Solo Drinker

For nearly as long as we have had coffee, we have had coffee contraptions. The Turkish Ibrik is a copper container that has a long handled that produces a strong brew. This device is still used today in the Middle East to brew some of the world’s best coffee.

If you like your coffee a bit more filtered than there are other machines that might suit your purposes more.

Drip machines are the largest percentage of coffee makers on the market these days. You simply place water in the top where it is heated up by an electric coil and then the hot water is passed through your coffee grounds and the liquid coffee enters your pot.

If you want something a bit more exciting then you can try one of the more high-tech machines. Some have LCD screens to show the time, the brew time, the temperature of your coffee, and all kinds of information.

If you like to control your coffee brew than you may want one of these machines. You can even get a machine that is a one cup coffee maker if you live alone. Having an auto-shutoff is fantastic for those on the run. You can also take the pot right off the burner and it will stop dripping if you are in a rush. This feature stops the water from flowing when the pot is not on the burner.

If your coffee maker has an illuminated show this can be a huge help when its an early winter morning and your kitchen is dark, but you don’t want to turn the lights on just yet.

Some coffee pots have made clean-up just that much simpler. If you get a machine that uses coffee ‘pods’, then your coffee water will be filtered through individual pads filled with coffee grounds. You just throw them out after a single serving of coffee has been made. These are fantastic if you don’t like messy grounds clean up, or if you have a lot of tastes to satisfy in your household.

If you live in a town with yucky water coming out the tap, then you should invest in a model that has a built-in water filter. These are expensive, but worth it if you want that fantastic cup of coffee.

Some people reckon pods are less environmental, but it all depends on how you look at the situation. Do you need lots of paper towels to clean up after a full brew machine? You also need to take your tastes into consideration when choosing a machine.

If you want to get really fancy you can even find a machine that has a built-in bean grinder. I reckon that a separate bean grinder is really best for a excellent cup of java, but if you reckon its simpler then go for it. Sometimes its possible to go too far with technology, lately I’ve been thinking of brewing up some Turkish coffee.

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