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The Numbers Behind Caffeine

There are a lot of tools in the trade of waking up and getting started in your day. Everyone wants you to reckon their product will knock you out of your sleep stupor first, but there’s no doubt that coffee and more specifically caffeine, is the best way to get your brain pumping. There are so many different options for getting that daily dose of caffeine that it’s hard to know where to go.

For those on the go, there’s the single cup coffee maker. For those at home there’s the staying power of a classic brewer. If you’re a fan of a stronger brew, or want the ability to steam milk, the at home espresso machine is an option. And for everyone else, and there are a lot of us, there’s your friendly neighborhood barista. How do you know which option to take though – that triple shot caramel latte, or a cheap at home single brew.

First off, how much caffeine will you be getting in each of your drinks? Caffeine itself is found in over sixty plants the world over, in the leaves and beans, usually acting as a natural pesticide. The more vital thing to us humans though is that it’s a stimulant when ingested. From coffee to tea, kola to cacao, caffeine inhabits many of the plants we refine and eat everyday.

Let’s take a look at what you’re getting in those drinks though. A typical cup of coffee is going to hit you with 100 mg of caffeine, whereas a single shot of espresso is around 40-60, depending on the variety. Tea has about half as much as that drip coffee and energy drinks – those ridiculous shots of energy you pick up to stay up another hour – are filled with 80-300 mg of caffeine. Throw in the fact that these Guarana packed aluminum cans don’t taste very excellent and it would seem like a poor choice to make.

So, when you’re picking up your double tall mocha from Starbucks, you’re getting about as much caffeine as a typical cup of strong drip coffee. The difference is in the taste no doubt, but for those of you interested in a quick and simple option to getting up in the morning – something like a one cup coffee maker – who are worried about getting enough caffeine, you’re getting just as much in your single cup as you would stopping at Starbucks for that mocha. As an added bonus, you save four dollars a day.

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