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Is Tea Actually A Healthy Drink? Part 2

In my last article we place the theory of tea being a healthy drink to the test, and it passed with flying colors. Facts were presented, and the outcome was rather obvious. If you haven’t read my first article, you can read it here:
ezinearticles.com/?Is-Tea-Really-A-Healthy-Drink?&id=550292 it will help make sense of the rest of this article :)

Since I promised to let you in on more of the different kinds of health benefits of tea (both black and green), let’s start right where we left off!

Tea has also been found by researchers to cool and greatly reduce both heavy and light cases of inflammation. Yes….you did hear it just right! Researchers at the Case Western Reserve University gave tea (in mice doses) to mice that have already developed or are in the process of developing arthritis. The mice were given either green tea, while others were given just plain water. They were given the equivalent of 4 cups of green tea by human standards. What was the result of this test? The mice that were given the green tea were half as likely to develop arthritis, and the ones who already were stricken with arthritis experienced more freedom of movement and a dramatic decrease in inflammation. How did this happen you might be asking yourself? Well, the compound TF-2 which is found in both black and green tea in fantastic doses has been recently learned to not only be an anti-cancer agent but also ends up suppressing the Cox-2 gene that causes inflammation or swelling. Another very fascinating study out of China shows 600 men and women that drank green tea on a daily basis at 3-4 cups a day halved their risk of stomach inflammation and ulcers.

Pretty Incredible huh?!?!

So what else do I have for you?

Well, you’ve probably been thinking about what tea can do for your body to help fight or prevent diseases and viruses. Well, if you haven’t already got the hint, then you’re in luck. Tea has in many repeated test already proven to be able to neutralize or eliminate all together germs that cause pneumonia, skin infections, diarrhea, cystitis and many more which would take up to much space to list here. New research out of Pace University has found that both black and green tea really ends up shutting down the viruses, even including herpes. Not to say that it is a cure for herpes, but it really helps to keep it dormant. What has been a very vital observation is that simply the act of drinking the tea itself really shuts downs and wipes out viruses and germs in your mouth. So much so that a recent Japanese study showed that gargling black tea really finished up boosting an increased immunity to influenza. How does all this happen just by drinking tea? Well the chemicals found in tea really end up boosting the immune system to fight against bacteria and viruses.

So there you have it! The wonderful drink that we call tea is an incredible substance that only works to increase ones healthy well being in every sense of the world. Never in history has one thing been so effective at increasing ones overall well being and health. This thanks we can only extend to the this small leaf that we as humans have used and adored for centuries…and it seems that we will only embrace it further.

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