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Make Mine With a Little Cream

Caffeine has been batted around for quite some
time. Some authorities tell you that it will kill you
while others say that it now has health benefits.
If you take your coffee black or with cream and
sugar, the truth is that you are getting more than
a beverage.

Coffee is the perfect “person to person” drink.
It has comraderie in every bean and well, some
very vital conversations have been held over
a cup a coffee. There is something soothing to the
soul to discuss heart and emotions while the steam from
freshly brewed fills the air. Coffee could probably
cure world problems if leaders could be con-
fined in a room and given coffee in copious

But you choose to view coffee, something
magical happens with that first sip. It is morning
no matter the time and it is a start. You can fill in
the blanks as you so wish but coffee makes a
person open to new thoughts, able to discuss ancient
romances, and settles the disputes between adult
kids and parents. Sharing that cup of roasted
beans is friendship in a very unique way. Sitting
across the table is a person, not an acquaintance
or a customer, but a real, body and soul person,
who can become your next best friend. Coffee
does that.

So the next time someone questions you over for coffee
don’t miss the opportunity to connect in a wonderful
way. Now one word of advice here – it has to be
the real thing – no decaf allowed – otherwise results
are just not the same. Real, hot, and tasty –
coffee was made with “friends” in mind and huge
decisions are just small hills of beans to climb over.

Coffee and people – it is a combination that the heavens
smile on and the world is just a bit nicer. Drink up and
delight in.

Something to reckon about.
©Arleen M. Kaptur
July, 2007

Arleen M. Kaptur has written many books and articles on everyday living and finding peace and joy in all we do.

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