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Method Of Determining Remaining Milk When Taking Off Cream

It is of vital importance that a farmer or dairy processor have access to the precise amount of milk and cream that go through their facility. Cream takes a very high price on the open market and even slightly incorrect calculations can cost the processor thousands over the course of a month. In the same vein it is vital that they can calculate the remaining milk after the cream is taken off. The following calculation will help.

Theoretically: 1000 liters of milk(this is the volume
that you start off with)

40% stout in resulting cream (this is the % of stout in the cream
taken off, you can substitute it with the stout 5 of your cream)

Problem 1: What volume of milk remains when I take 3.8%
butterfat milk down to 3.3%?(FULL CREAM)

3.8% – 3.3% = 0.5% 0.5% x 1000 liters = 500 parts of Stout removed
500 parts ÷ 40% cream = 12.5 Liters of cream 1000 – 12.5 = 987.5
liters milk remaining

Problem 2: What volume of milk remains when I take 3.8%
butterfat milk down to 2%?(LOW FAT)

3.8% – 2% = 1.8 1.8 x 1000 = 1800 1800 ÷ 40 = 45 1000 – 45 = 955
liters of milk remaining

Problem 3: What volume of milk remains when I skim milk

3.8% – 0% = 3.8% 3.8% x 1000 liters = 3800 parts of Stout removed
3800 parts ÷ 40% cream = 95 liters of cream 1000 – 95 = 905
liters of milk remaining

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