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How Did Ice Creams Evolve?

The tale of the origin of ice cream (used to be called as “iced cream”) spans us back to the second century BC, when people could not even reckon of a freezing device. It spans us back to a time immemorial and no fixed time of its origin have been found nor could we credit anyone to be the inventor of such a yummy thing that have revolutionized today’s scorching summer.

Alexander the fantastic used to order for snow and ice flavored with the honey and fruit juice. The Roman emperor Nero Claudius Caesar also used order the runners to fetch him snow form the mountain. The snow was then flavored with essence, juices and fruits and was served to the king. But after thousand years the fantastic Marco Polo had revolutionized the entire concept. While returning from far east to Italy, he had brought an awesome dessert recipe that had a close resemblance with the modern Sherbets and the historians have concluded that the modern ice creams have eventually evolved from this particular recipe. Though it is also believed that England was the first nation in the world to learn a recipe what is now known as ice cream.

It was sometime around 16th century that the concept of ice creams started to change. During the 17th century King Charles I had an cream ice, as it was known to be, in his daily menu. In the year 1553 Catherine de Medici, the wife of Henry II of France, had introduced a similar recipe of dessert to Italy. During those period ice cream used to be a luxurious item and was not for the general flock. It was for the special occasions and the parties thrown out by the top rank section of the society. The Sicilian Procopio is known to be the first chafe in Paris who had come up with an unique preparation of frozen desserts by blending milk, butter, cream, and eggs in unique proportion.

But the modern days the concept of making ice creams has changed a lot and the modern technologies have made it much simpler to come up with much sophisticated and luxurious ice cream. Now we do not have to send the runners to mountains to fetch snow and ice. It was the year 1660 that these yummy frozen dessert preparation was made available for the general flocks and with technological advancement it is now simpler to make ice creams even at our homes.

American Ice Creams
It was not until 12th of May 1777 that the first advertisement for these yummy frozen desserts had appeared in America in the “New York Gazette”, although the first official account of ice cream in America had come from a letter written in 1774 by the guests of William Bladen, who was the Maryland Governor. Philip Lenzi, who was the renowned confectioner was the first citizen of the New World to announce that the tasty frozen desserts would be available nearly on regular basis. Yet until 1800 such frozen desserts were treated as the exotic items and meant only for the elite class of the society. But with a gradual process ice cream manufacturing became booming industry in America and the availability of ice creams became more simpler. Today the annual sale out of ice creams in America has been reckoned to be over 1.6 billion gallon.

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