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Best Foods to Make Valentine’s Night Sizzle

Cupid cannot always be trusted to aim accurately. By simple plotting and incorporating foods that evoke sensual pleasure, Valentine’s Day (or night) will be a sure fire hit.
Legend has it, that aphrodisiacs( foods that arouse) refer to the Greek goddess of sexual rapture Aphrodite, mother of Cupid, who is reputed to delighting in pranks and spreading like.

Ancient cultures developed like potion theories believing foods that resembled genitalia led to sexual desire. Foods were sought out for appearance of phallic symbols:
that included bananas, carrots, asparagus, and advacados, Aztecs called this fruit bearing tree the “testicle tree”. Female symbolic foods were eggs, peaches, pomegranates, ( “like apples” stated to be the actual apple that tempted Eve) vulva like oysters and ovary resembling figs. These classical aprodisiac foods really are tied to sexual function, because of the nutrients, minerals, steroids and vitamins they contain that keep sexual organs healthy.

Evidence suggests that sexual desire starts in the brain called the hypothalamus, which also whets our appetite for food and drink. That helps to clarify romantic dinners and human courtship displays. Humans are equipped with a sensory system that likely processes pheromones (chemicals the body emits to attract individuals) it is located in an organ called the Jacobson’s organ between the mouth and nose. Research has been done that found that persons who had lost their sense of smell also had lost interest in sex. Dr. Alan Hirsch started experimenting with these findings and learned that both men and women were turned on by the scent of pumpkin pie and lavender, other findings were men:doughnuts and black licorce. And for women, black licorce and baby powder.(Are you getting thoughts for dessert?) When preparing food for this special day remember aroma plays an vital role.

A sex therapist, Linda DeVillers, PhD. conducted an online survey of over 400 people that said eating certain foods made them hungry for sex afterwards.The top five favorites, in order are chocolate, strawberries, ice cream, pasta and whipped cream. Our number one choice, chocolate contains caffeine that seems to produce a rise in blood pressure as well as endorphins. Alkaloid methylxanthines in chocolate have been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier and trigger arousal. Another mood regulator, phenylethylamine (PEA) seems to stimulate production of dopamine, the pleasure chemical of the brain.

In order to have a better sex life, it is suggested that you have plenty of fresh fruit and vegtables on hand. More of the essential vitamins and minerals are processed by the body and will have a better effect on your libido than cooking them.

Food is about pleasure, so is sex. Associating the two for Valentine’s Day (night) is sure to make the mood for romance.

Gerene Schendel is passionate about chocolate, she encourages others to follow your bliss and eat dessert first. mytastefultreats.com mytastefultreats.com

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