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How To Prevent and Cure A Hangover!

Do you remember how many times you let loose at a stag party, wedding, anniversary, social gathering or holiday event? Most people drink responsibly and modestly because they have other responsibilities, need to drive a vehicle or despise that dreaded hangover. But most of us can reckon of select occurrences when we went a small overboard.

The December holiday season is the primary time of year for overindulging. Some get up close and personal with their toilet seat. Others prefer to feed their bathroom floor with yesterday’s dinner. There are those that simply ring in the new year with a ringing headache! Ughh, never again!

It is dreadful to deal with the aching stomach, throbbing headache and sore aching muscles. Perhaps the kids will get their own breakfast and the dog will take himself for a walk? Perhaps everyone else will whisper the entire day while you recover? Or maybe, just maybe, there is a concoction that will miraculously take the pain away.

Why not start by preventing a hangover? Here are some basic tips:

1. Before you start drinking make sure you eat fruits, food and or supplements that have plenty of vitamin B and C. Food in the stomach prevents rapid absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream.

2. Drink lots of water and juice before you head out for a night of festivities. Alcohol dehydrates your system and water will help prepare your body for any overindulging.

3. Do not mix different types of drinks. Mixing different drinks with various levels of alcohol content and sugar will undoubtedly upset your system.

4. Do not take any form of medication and alcohol before consulting a physician. Most medication and alcohol do not mix and could cause serious health risks.

5. It is a known biological fact that body size, age and gender have a lot to do with how your system handles alcohol. People with larger frames and more weight can absorb more alcohol. Younger people tend to tolerate alcohol more than older people. Men tend to tolerate more alcohol than women even if they are the same height and weight.

6. Elect yourself as the designated driver. Wake up without a hangover!

It is the huge night and you are ready to party armed with sensible prevention advice:

Okay, so you choose to go out and have some fun! It has been a long time since your last hangover and frankly you are not going to get suckered into that experience again. You are joined by some friends and you start by ordering a cold beer. Ahhh, you needed that! It was a refreshing beverage. Shortly after you indulge in a glass of red wine. Mmm… that was soothing and relaxing. You and your friends are partying, dancing and having a grand ancient time. Hmmm, a shot of rye would hit the spot right now. Next thing you know, people are buying each other liqueur shots. Wow, you need to be a part of that action. It is nearing the end of the night and you forgot to take any preventive action. You are responsible enough to remember one most vital rule “Don’t drink and drive“. You leave the car in the parking lot and take a cab home.

What do you do after you get home and you forgot to practice hangover prevention?

1. Do not drink more alcohol. It is a common belief that drinking more will soothe the system. Putting more alcohol in your body is not a excellent thought.

2. Drink lots of water. Water will dilute the alcohol in your bloodstream.

3. Some over the counter drugs such as acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen have demonstrated some success. There is always a harmful risk of mixing drugs and alcohol. Consult your physician before taking one of these remedies.

4. Throwing up helps your system get rid of alcohol content that has not been absorbed into your bloodstream.

5. Drink coffee in the morning to help increase alertness and relieve tired, aching muscles. Caffeine tends to energize the body and reduce headaches. Coffee is a diuretic and should be coupled with lots of water. Do not drink coffee before you go to bed. You will not sleep well and wake up in worse shape.

There is only one full proof way of getting rid of a hangover. Moderation is the best advice. Have a wonderful holiday season! Stay safe and delight in!

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