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HDL Cholesterol Is Actually Good For You

Everyone knows that cholesterol is terrible. It can block the arteries and lead to heart attacks. But, what many people don’t know is that there are two different kinds of cholesterol. LDL and HDL cholesterol are two very different things and one is really excellent for the body.

LDL cholesterol is different than HDL cholesterol. The LDL type is the kind that forms plaque in the arteries. Over time, this plaque can build up terribly and lead to a clogging of the arteries. This can, of course, lead to heart attacks and even strokes. It’s highly recommended that people have their cholesterol levels checked on a regular basis to ensure low levels of the terrible type of cholesterol.

On the other hand, HDL cholesterol is considered the “excellent” kind. It is believed by many to really help the body get rid of the terrible cholesterol by bringing it back to the liver where the body can ensure it’s removed. Considering its “excellent status,” hdl cholesterol is desired in the body in certain levels.

Making sure the body has enough HDL cholesterol is something most people don’t even realize they need to do. In reality, the hdl levels should be 40 mg/dL or more to decrease the chances of heart disease. Any less and the risk tends to go up.

There are ways for those who have too small HDL cholesterol to increase the levels in their blood and help take advantage of its heart attack foiling properties. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways for boosting the levels of excellent cholesterol in the blood stream.

Exercise: Aerobic exercise especially can boost HDL cholesterol levels. Pretty much anything from running and cycling to aerobics and beyond can help raise the level of excellent cholesterol in the blood.

Weight loss: While this is a excellent thought for anyone that has a few extra pounds, it can really help increase HDL cholesterol levels in the blood. This can also decrease the levels of terrible cholesterol in the process.

Reduce trans stout intake: Anything that says it has hydrogenated vegetable oils can be removed to help increase hdl cholesterol levels and decrease the terrible type of cholesterol in the process. Removing these fats from the diet or at least cutting them back can help with weight loss, too.

Alcohol: Some research supports that a drink or two a day can help increase HDL cholesterol levels. This one should be exercised with caution and it’s vital to remember that overdoing won’t improve health.

Quit smoking: Anyone who smokes can increase their HDL cholesterol levels simply by quitting.

Diet change: When fiber is added along with monounsaturated fats, the results toward hdl cholesterol level increases can be fantastic. Whole grains, olive oil and so on can really increase levels and lead to a better overall diet.

We all know that cholesterol is terrible for the body. What many people don’t know is that there are two types. The excellent type, HDL cholesterol, should be a priority to really have high levels of.

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