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Bladder Infection – What Are The Symptoms?

It is vital to recognize bladder infection symptoms. While the infection itself, when promptly treated, does not have to be serious; it can indeed become serious should the symptoms go unnoticed, or ignored.

The most common symptom of a possible infection in the bladder will be a burning sensation when urinating. Additional symptoms you should be aware of are listed in the following:

A frequent urge to urinate.

Urine with a strong, foul odor.

Blood in the urine.

Cloudy, discolored urine.

Pressure in the lower pelvis.

Fever, or chills (in more severe cases). Children may have only the fever, and no other symptoms. Those children, under 5, diagnosed with this problem will deserve special follow-up to prevent any chance of later kidney hurt.

In the elderly, mental changes or confusion often are the only symptoms of a possible urinary tract infection.

Painful intercourse.

Side pain accompanied by vomiting, or fever and chills, may be a sign of kidney involvement.

Should you experience any of the symptoms of bladder infection, but are unsure as to whether or not you should see a doctor for a diagnosis, keep these considerations in mind.

Always call the doctor if;

The burning sensation experienced when urinating lasts for more than 24 hours.

The painful urination is joined by blood in the urine, vomiting, fever or chills, pain in the back or abdomen. Should you experience these symptoms seek medical help immediately.

The burning includes a discharge from the penis, or the vagina. This may be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease, a PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), or another type of serious infection.

Testing for a bladder infection will include a urinalysis, and possibly a urine culture, or catheterized urine specimen to help determine the type of bacteria in the urine, and the right antibiotic for treatment.

This information is not meant to scare, but to inform. When dealing with a problem, that is common to many people, be educated as to what it is you should look out for. Don’t ignore any bladder infection symptom! Call the doctor if you are unsure. Take a urine test, and don’t assume the unnecessary risk of something more serious developing.

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