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How is Vanilla Jasmine Tea Graded?

If jasmine and vanilla sound like a winning combination for tea to you, you’re not alone. Vanilla jasmine tea is a wonderful blend that is sweet and calming, with flavors that appeal to nearly every tea drinker. And, to make it even more universally appealing, vanilla jasmine tea could be made from every variety of tea; so no matter your drinking preference, there’s a vanilla jasmine tea for you.

The best vanilla jasmine tea blends fine loose tea with real jasmine blossoms and pieces of vanilla bean or pure vanilla extract. When shopping for vanilla jasmine tea, it’s vital to ensure that the tea you’re buying has quality ingredients. Using artificial flavoring for the jasmine or vanilla flavors or using inferior tea will mean that the tea you’re buying won’t have the flavor you should expect. Understanding how tea is graded can help you choose a excellent vanilla jasmine tea.

There are no international standards on grading tea. Each country uses their own system, and even different types of tea are graded differently. For example, green teas are not graded the same as white teas.

So, understanding how the vanilla jasmine tea you’re considering is graded really means understanding how the tea variety that the vanilla jasmine tea is made from is graded. Here are some examples to help make it simpler to know.

Black Tea

Black tea is graded primarily based on how it’s processed. So, while this will tell you the approximate percentage of whole leaves in your tea, and may tell you if it comes from an early or late plucking, it’s not the total picture when it comes to judging the quality of the tea. Knowing where the tea was grown and how tea is harvested in this part of the world is vital, too.

In the US, the best black teas are considered whole leaf teas and are designated by the term Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe. You should avoid teas marked “dust” as these are typically the lowest grades of black tea. Dust grades are usually only used in tea bags.

Green Tea

Green tea is typically graded by the shape of the leaf in China. In other parts of the world, green tea is also usually graded by leaf shape, but different names are used to describe the leaf shapes. Within the leaf shapes, in both China and other countries, you’ll find grades that further break down the quality of the tea. For example, tea plucked earliest in the season will have better flavor than tea plucked later in the season. This same fact is right of black and oolong teas. So, if you find a tea labeled “first plucked” or “first flush” that is also of a high grade, you know you have a very excellent tea.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea from China is graded in a simple manner that is simple to follow and know. The best oolong tea is referred to as “Fanciest” or “Extra Fancy”, while the lowest grade of oolong tea is referred to as “Common”. Since most oolong tea is produced in China, it’s honestly simple to sort out a excellent oolong vanilla jasmine tea produced there.

Oolong tea produced in Taiwan, also known as Formosa oolong, is graded differently, but the grades are still quite simple to know. Formosa oolong teas are graded according to a standard developed by the Taiwanese government. The best Formosa oolong teas are graded Finest to Choice and Finest. The lowest grades of Formosa oolong are graded Standard. Since most oolong teas are produced in China or Taiwan, knowing the grades from these two countries will cover most of the oolong teas you’ll run across.

White Tea

White tea’s grading is simpler, because the time when the tea leaves were plucked is not part of determining the quality. All white tea is from a first plucking, because there is only one plucking of white tea during each growing season. Therefore, choosing a quality white vanilla jasmine tea from China simply means choosing one of the two highest grades of white tea, Silver Needles or White Peony. But, if you choose a white Ceylon vanilla jasmine tea from Sri Lanka or a white Darjeeling vanilla jasmine tea from India, the grading will be really different.

To choose a excellent vanilla jasmine tea, start by determining whether you want a white, green, black or oolong vanilla jasmine tea. But, since vanilla jasmine tea is far rare than simple jasmine tea, you may not be able to find it readily available in all tea varieties. Your best bet to get a vanilla jasmine tea that’s really excellent is to shop for one at a tea vendor that you’re sure carries only the best teas.

By shopping this way, when you do find vanilla jasmine tea you’ll know that it’s a fantastic tea, even if it isn’t the variety you originally imagined buying. Just be certain that the tea you choose is made with natural flavorings in addition to being tea of the finest quality.

Vanilla jasmine tea is sure to be one of your favorites. Nearly all of us are soothed and calmed by the familiar flavor of vanilla and we’re immediately relaxed by the fragrant scent of jasmine. Once you’ve sampled a excellent vanilla jasmine tea it’s unlikely that you’ll ever want to be without this tasty treat again.

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