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The Best Coffee in the World

There’s no questioning it, most of us have Coffee during mornings. Well this might have become a habit but then, the credit must still be given to the value of coffee to man.

Thanks to the goatherd who noticed his goats jumping after eating the coffee beans, coffee was born into earth. Nowadays, there are literally thousands of coffee variations to accommodate the various individual tastes of coffee drinkers worldwide.

The two main species of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta and the three most well loved variations of coffee are Turkish coffee, Cappuccino and Espresso. To top these, it is excellent to mention that there are various types of roasts that give more accents to the taste of coffee beans. Among the most well-known ones are Continental roast, French roast, Full City roast, Viennese roast, New England Roast, breakfast roast and American roast. From these emerged some of the best tasting coffees in the world.

Judging coffee can be very subjective. For some people, the bitter ones are the best coffees in the world, but to those who prefer it sweet and smooth, the tasty ones are better. Whatever line you stand on in this argument, for sure, you have your own preference of coffee which for you remains to be the best.

Both species of coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica, are grown in the equatorial regions. Robusta thrives best in lower regions while Arabica at the higher regions.

Robusta consists of 30% of all coffee production worldwide. It has a stronger flavor and is normally used as ingredients for instant coffee. It has a woody after taste and full body flavor.

Meanwhile, Arabica is considered to be the more superior breed than Robusta. It consists the 70% of all coffee production despite of having a lower yield per plant. It has relatively low caffeine content and has more acidic flavor with caramel aftertaste.

Both of these species are blended into various coffee products. More expensive blends have more Arabica content while cheaper blends normally have higher proportion of Robusta beans.

Turkish Coffee is made of Arabica beans and is characterized by very fine powder grind. Often, the aromatic spice cardamom is added for flavor enhancement. This coffee has 6 levels of sweetness which range from sweet down to black. Spoons are basically not needed when drinking this coffee since there is no sugar added into it.

Cappuccino, on the other hand, is a coffee with frothy cream and chocolate powder as toppings. The name came from the coffee brown robes that Capuchin monks wear.

Espresso Coffee is an Italian coffee that is made through forcing steam into the roasted coffee beans. The result is a strong black coffee. The brewing is done through an especially dedicated coffee brewer which works by pressurizing the beans to release flavor.

The most controversial coffee though is the most expensive. This is called the Kopi Luwak.

This coffee comes from cat shit. Yes, you heard it right. No one knows how this coffee came to be but the truth still remains to be the truth, the beans come from Luwak feces that were collected and brewed. The taste is said to be exotic and earthy with hints of caramel and chocolate flavor. Certainly not the best coffee in the world but apparently, people spend outrageous amounts of money just to have a cup of Kopi Luwak.

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