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Chocolate Chip Cookie Madness

I’ve been mad about cookies since I can remember. The first word I spoke as a young child was cookie. My sons’ first word was cookie and my granddaughters’ first word was cookie. Yes, cookies madness starts at a very young age. Some of my favorite memories were of mom baking cookies. Chocolate chip has always been my favorite.

Mom always place oatmeal and coconut in our cookies. On occasion she would place in raisins, which was all right unless she left out the chocolate chips. But on a few occasions mom would do the unthinkable. This how I remember the horrible event:

Oh, the smell of those tasty cookies baking in the oven. The aroma would permeate the whole house and heighten the anticipation. Finally, after much expectation and my patients wearing so thin I thought I would go out of my mind the buzzer would go off. Mom would open the oven door and suddenly the heat, aroma and the luscious site of those long awaited cookies would emerge from the oven. Then horror filled my whole being as I bit into the hot cookie, those were not chocolate chips, but raisins. Tears instantly flooded my eyes as I wailed, “where are the chocolate chips?”

Mom always had a backup plot. She would give me a huge hug as if she squeezed me tight enough the tears would stop flowing. As she wiped away my tears with her flour dusted apron, she would gently remind me, “this is only the first batch, and I plotted to place the chocolate chips in the next batch.” With a few sniffles and a few whimpers this seemed to cool my tormented soul. With this news I was able to forcibly swallow the cookies without chocolate chips.

There are a million different cookie recipes and I’ve probably tried most of them. I haven’t met too many cookies I didn’t like. Round or square, huge or small, baked or no baked the world likes its cookies. The history of cookies probably goes back to the cave man. Oh, the poor small distressed cave boy as his cave mother hands him a cookie without any chocolate chips. But I’ll bet the cave mom had a backup plot too.

When my children and my grandchildren were very young they reacted as I did when cheated out of our prized chocolate chips. Most kids don’t like raisins in there cookies especially when they are expecting chocolate chips. Really, I still react the same way when my wife tries to make our cookies a small healthier by substituting raisins for chocolate chips. Just thinking about it makes my eyes well up with tears and my heart sink. Yes I’m a small spoiled, but a man needs his chocolate chip cookies.

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