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Real Butter From Real Unhomogenized Milk

I remember churning butter as a child. It was fun to turn the crank on the butter churn and watch the small beads of butter start forming. It took a long time back in those days, but the pancakes, biscuits and cakes that my Grandmother made from the buttermilk made it all worthwhile. I frequently travel 50-miles one way today just to get that real milk, but I use a blender to make butter today.

I buy the real milk 2-4-gallons at a time. This milk stays fresher much longer than store milk. When I get the milk home I let it sit for 24-hours in the refrigerator so the cream will collect at the top of the jars. I then ladle the cream off the milk. I fill my blender about 1/3-full with the cream. I place the cover on and set my blender at the slowest speed. Once I start the blender I remove the cap and watch the cream get foamy and start to thicken.

In about 5-minutes tiny beads of yellow butter will start to form. When the beads get to be the size of a kernel of corn and the liquid is watery like skim milk, the butter is formed. Then I turn the blender off and carefully pour off the buttermilk and save it for baking. Then I wash the butter. I pour cold water into the blender and turn it on for second or two then pour off that water. I repeat the process until the water is clear.

This is imoportant so that the buttermilk is all washed out of the butter. I only save the first buttermilk that is poured off the butter. I discard subsequent wash waters. When the water is clear from washing the butter, I scrape the butter into a shallow bowl and press all the remaining liquid from the butter by pressing it against the side of the bowl with a rubber spatula.

When all the liquid has been pressed from the butter it may be eaten as it is. That is called unsalted sweet butter. Salt enhances the flavor of butter and helps to keep it longer. To add salt I use 2/3-tablespoon for each 2-cups of butter. To salt the butter, I sprinkle a small salt on the butter and fold it in. I continue until all the salt is incorporated and the butter has a wax like appearance.

Butter should be kept in glass containers. It will keep in the refrigerator for 2-weeks. Longer keeping should be in the freezer.

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