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Catering Advice – Setting Up A Catering Business In Europe

The first thing you have to do is find the right place that you really want to go to, lets say you really like France (I say the first thing but you will notice that there are lots of first things you have to do when moving to Europe).

So you’ve found the spot and your hocked, you’ve even found a nice Bistro that’s just perfect, you’ve had a look on the internet and researched the food within that area but you reckon a different food theme would work. Ok first lets jump on a plane and take a real look at the area, and most importantly the people (try and visit in the peck tourist time so you can really see the amount of people, and what type of people). You really need to see if the unit is in a place where people can find it or walk passed it everyday, there’s no point in buying something that’s a mile away from business.

Let me clarify that last sentence as I’m sure your thinking “I travel to restaurants when I go out for dinner, people will travel to ours”, well I’m sure they will maybe in time you will have a fantastic trade 12 mouths of the year. But Europe is very seasonal so you need to be in the heart of it all making your money right from the word go. If you are thinking of a Hotel or Gite try and get close you might spend a bit more but for your first business it’ll be worth it. You have to reckon that you are new to the area you may not speak the language very well and you are offering a new style of food and service, locals might stay away for awhile. But the holiday makers won’t they’ll be looking for your restaurant maybe a Tex Mex in France, once the tourists have been there and loved it you’ll find the locals soon warm to you.

The hard part is getting setup and ready to buy your business, first you’ll need a bank account but first you need to register in that country to do that you need a bank account to do that you need to register for that country, do you see where this is going. Once you’ve found your way around that you’ll have to go and see the local mairie who really runs the show, if they don’t like you well pack up and go home and laugh at the fact that you spent 6 mouths opening a bank account etc etc. But if they do like you then you have to visit an accountant and then a solicitor the laws of buy in Europe are very different, if you place an offer in and then sign you (in most countries), have 3 days to come up with the money. When looking at a unit be it a hotel or restaurant please make sure that it has all the licenses that you require to trade and that there’s no work that needs to be done that you don’t know about (maybe take a builder with you). Look into the land laws of that area you don’t want to find out that someone else owns the land and stops you from trading, has happened before.

I know from all the information above it looks hard work and your thinking “is it ever worth it”, well the answer to your question “yes, very much so”. It’s a new way of life and once the people know you and your pleased to chat in their native tongue you’ll like it (very odd the first time you have a dream in a different language though). If you are looking into relocating with a business try and find help from someone don’t try and do it on your own with the internet, it will save you more money than you reckon by having someone that knows with you.

We wish you all the very best if you are thinking of buying a catering business abroad, it’s a fantastic thing to do. Should you have any tales of your go excellent or terrible we’d like to hear them, and if your thinking of moving and would like a chat give us a shout we’re always pleased to help.

John Stableforth is the Director of a successful catering consultancy firm working within the UK and Europe. Having helped many people within their catering business he often writes and talks about how you can grow your company, also how to streamline your business for increased turnover and profit.

You can contact John on

completecateringadvice.co.uk completecateringadvice.co.uk

mailto:Info@completecateringadvice.co.uk Info@completecateringadvice.co.uk

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