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Cast Iron Cookware- The Cookware Our Ancestors Used

Cast iron cookware has been around for more than a hundred years and was once the favored type of cookware. In fact, many iron cookware pieces have been passed down from generation to generation – providing not only a necessary cooking utensil, but also a way to pass on memories and family traditions.

When searching for this type of cookware, yard sales, antique auctions and flea markets are always a excellent place to start. If groundbreaking new cookware is desired, many retailers still offer cast iron in many different varieties – from skillets to Dutch ovens to grill pans and more.

Why Use Cast Iron Cookware?
Many professional chefs choose cast iron cookware over other types. The reasons for this include the ability of the iron to retain heat as well as distribute the heat evenly throughout the cooking surface. In addition, the cookware is extremely durable and can endure extremes in heat.

Once seasoned properly, the cookware becomes non-stick and is especially excellent for cooking such items as eggs, grilled sandwiches and steaks or burgers.

Seasoning is essential with cast iron cookware. When purchasing the cookware new from a retailer, please follow the directions that come with it. Many of the new iron cookware is specially coated with substances in order to keep food from sticking.

With used or handed down cookware, the following instructions should keep the iron seasoned.
1. If the cookware is rusted, scour out the rust with steel wool.
2. Using vegetable oil, bacon stout, lard or other hardened stout, coat the cookware thoroughly and evenly.
3. Place cookware in oven upside down (do not forget to place some tin foil down to catch drippings and keep oven clean) and bake for anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours at a medium-high temperature.
4. Remove from oven and let cool completely.
5. Wipe out remaining stout or oil
6. Repeat seasoning steps as necessary
7. Store without lid on

Using Cookware
For cooking with cast iron cookware, it is recommended that the pan be preheated before adding food. To know when the pan is ready for cooking, add a few drops of water and make sure the water sizzles. Once it sizzles, it is time to add the food.

Cleaning the cookware is simple, but must be done by hand. Do not place the cast iron cookware in a dishwasher. Using dish soap and water scrub out the cookware and dry immediately. If seasoning is starting to wear off, add a very light layer of oil or stout to the pan before storing. Moisture leads to rust, so always store with the lid off.

Immediately after cooking, remove food from the cookware. The cast iron in the cookware is not excellent for storage of leftovers and may really seep iron into the food, especially if cooking tomato-based sauces or acidic type foods.

Cast iron is a tremendously excellent type of product to cook with. Not only have our ancestors used this type of cookware nearly exclusively, it has many enduring qualities to provide even heat and durability.

For the small amount of work place into the care and upkeep of the cast iron, it can provide years of service as well as many pleased memories for generations to come.

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