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About The Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea over the years has been known for its medicinal properties. Though not a medicine according to the strict definition of the word, it is now confirmed to have medicinal substances. In ancient China the benefits of green were known ever since its discovery, but the modern world has only just learnt about its medicinal properties. In fact, even now, a lot of the claims are being studied and research being carried out to verify whether it indeed gives the said benefits to green tea drinkers.

To start with, the ingredients which are responsible for most of the benefits of green tea are catechin, caffeine, theanine and amino acids. Catechin is a tannin found only in green tea as the fermentation done in other varieties of tea leaves reduces it. This is the substance that gives green tea its most vital medicinal properties. The benefits accruing to the green tea drinker from the presence of catechin can be summarized as follows:

Cancer development is prevented by blocking growth of substance responsible for cancer,

Helpful in preventing high blood pressure,

Helpful in fighting bacteria and viruses and preventing diseases like food poisoning and cavities,

Prevention of terrible cholesterol caused by oxidation, and hence narrowing of blood vessels prevented,

Helpful in prevention of arterial sclerosis,

Prevention of thrombosis by suppressing aggregation of platelets,

Condition of intestines is improved as growth of terrible bacteria is prevented and growth of bifid bacteria (excellent bacteria) is enhanced,

Helpful in prevention of diabetes by blocking a function of enzyme which actively absorbs sugar.

Caffeine is another vital substance present in green tea. Normally a cup of green tea would have around 20mg of caffeine. It is known to affect the central nervous system and if taken in large quantities, can be addictive and adversely affect the nervous system. But, the amount present in a cup of green tea is minimal and beneficial to the drinker. Caffeine acts as a stimulant effecting the nervous system and state of mental alertness. It is helpful in reducing sleepiness and speeds up recovery from stress. It activates blood circulation, enhancing athletic ability and endurance as a result. When caffeine in green tea is taken together with exercise, subcutaneous stout is metabolized as energy rather than depleting glycogen, and hence increases stamina. Green tea is even considered a excellent remedy for hangovers because caffeine prevents absorption of alcohol. Finally, green tea acts as a diuretic, as caffeine is a detoxification agent and helps in the discharge of body wastes that raise blood pressure.

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