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Cantaloupe- A Juicy, Nutritious Way to Good Health

Melons, irrespective of their variety, have always been a excellent source of essential nutrients and vitamins. Cantaloupes are a variety of muskmelon that looks somewhat oblong and has an approximate length of 15 to 25 centimeters. Refreshing flavor, distinct aroma and low calorie content has made Cantaloupes the preferred variety of watermelon in the United States.

Cantaloupe derives its name from the commune Cantaloupe in Sabina, in the Sabine Hills near Tivoli, Italy. It is believed to be first cultivated sometime in the year 1700. The well loved varieties of Cantaloupe are the European cantaloupe and the North American cantaloupe. Both the varieties look different. The North American cantaloupe has a reticulated skin covering and can also be found with a rock-like appearance in some parts of Australia and New Zealand. Due to such an appearance, a North American cantaloupe is also called as rock melon in those parts. Other varieties of the North American cantaloupe include spanspek in South Africa, which has a thin reticulated light brown rind. The uncommon varieties have a redder and yellowier flesh. The European cantaloupes are lightly ribbed and look pale green in color. Among the different varieties of European cantaloupe, the charentais is the widely loved one.

Cantaloupe melons are a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C is vital for optimum immune function. Vitamin A improves the lung function. Rich content of these two nutrients along with potassium, pyridoxine, folate, dietary fiber and niacin. A calorie content of less than 5% makes it an even healthier fruit to have. A higher intake of cantaloupe facilitates better vision and energy production. In the hot summer months, a slice of cantaloupe not only quenches the thirst but also protects from the harmful effects of the sun.

Consumers should make sure that they have got a ripe cantaloupe for themselves. As many cantaloupes are shipped in unripe condition to minimize hurts, the consumers should know how to choose the one that is ripe. A ripe melon should sound hollow when tapped with a palm. It should look heavier with respect to its size. The fragrance of cantaloupe is so distinct that it stays on even if a cut cantaloupe is bought and stored in a container. An unripe cantaloupe should be exposed to the room temperature so that it becomes juicier. Once it is ripe, store it in a refrigerator.

A fantastic source of vitamins, essential nutrients and low calorie content has made sundiacorp.com/ cantaloupe a must have fruit for all. So reap in the benefits of a ripe cantaloupe and get healthier.

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