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Is Tea A Preventative Medicine?

No doubt you have heard that tea is a healthy alternative to other beverages we like to consume, but just how healthy is a cup of tea?

Many studies suggest that tea drinkers have a lower risk for heart disease, strokes and high cholesterol. In fact, black tea has been found to repair blood vessel hurt for those suffering from coronary disease. According to an encouraging study at Boston’s School of Medicine, improvement in blood vessel function was visible within 2 hours after drinking just one cup of black tea. Well loved black teas are Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and English Breakfast tea. Also, research has shown that tea drinkers have lower LDL cholesterol than non tea drinkers.

Green Tea contains strong antioxidants which are able to inhibit growth of cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. Green tea also destroys harmful bacteria which may help prevent food poisoning and tooth decay. Habitual long-time tea drinkers have also been shown to have higher bone density than non tea drinkers, no matter what type of tea they drink – black, oolong, or green.

Black tea accounts for 90% of U.S. tea sales and are known for their stronger, distinct flavors. Theaflavins and thearubigers contained in black tea also provide health benefits such as lowering the risk of stroke. And, perhaps the best news is that there are no reported side effects of tea consumption except for possible insomnia due to the caffeine contained in tea.

How you drink your tea may have an effect on the benefits you receive from tea. If you are drinking tea for its health benefits, do not add milk. A recent study published in the European Heart Journal found that the beneficial effects of tea on the heart are really counteracted by the addition of milk. This may clarify why the health benefits of tea are not evident in the UK where milk is commonly added.

Consider the many benefits of tea and delight in the many varieties that are available now. Green or Black tea should be an integral part of your diet. It is one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to prevent a wide variety of diseases.

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