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Kombucha Tea is Good for What Ails you

Kombucha tea is made from combining sweet tea and the Kombucha mushroom also called the Kombucha culture. This culture contains a combination of yeast, and bacteria, though these are healthy ones. When combined with the sweet tea it has a taste that has been compared to a sparkling white wine or an apple cider. It is not an alcoholic drink but despite the process it goes through. There will be less than a one percent alcohol level which is not high enough to be counted as an alcoholic beverage. It makes for a drink that is very well loved and tastes terrific.

But not only does it taste fantastic it has many health benefits. This is because this fascinating mixture of sweet tea and Kombucha culture is able to enhance the body’s immune system and so improve the body’s ability to fight a variety of diseases. Studies have shown that people with cancers, arthritis, psoriasis, digestive irregularities, irritable bowel, high blood pressure, Candida and other types of infections and migraine sufferers have all claimed to have had improvements when drinking this unusual type of tea. People also believe that it increases the amount of energy they have as well as give them a feeling of wellbeing.

The amount of Kombucha tea that you should drink must be carefully regulated especially when you first start drinking it. To start with it is recommended that a person drink only a half a cup, no more than one hundred milliliters, in the morning about a quarter hour before their first meal. If after the first week there is no problem with it, no side effects, than this can be gradually raised. This should be done by having another glass of the same size after the dinner meal. Once again if there appears to be no side effects after a second week, watch out for increased bowel movements, then one hundred and fifty milliliters can be consumed twice daily. Finally if after the third week everything is okay and your body is tolerating the tea without problems then another glass can be added, of equal size, in the afternoon. Drinking more water, at least two liters daily, is vital to help flush the body of toxins.

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