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Italian Ingredients

Do you like cooking, but are sometimes unsure of the ingredients. Well here is a guide to some of the more common Italian Recipe Ingredients.

Amaretto – A liqueur made from apricot kernels and bitter almonds. You will ofter find this used in dessert recipes.

Amaretti – Small, dry biscuits (cookies) similar to macaroons. Made with bitter almonds, almond essence and egg whites.

Baccala – is salted, dried cod. You will need to soak it for at least 24 hours and changing the water often.

Bocconcini – means ‘small mouthfuls’. And that’s what it is, small balls of fresh mozzarella cheese stored in water.

Campari – A crimson colored spirit.

Carta di musica – This is a crisp, twice baked flatbread. Can use toasted Lebanese bread or lavish as a substitute.

Ciabatta – A crusty bread that is airy on the inside. The best type is wood fired.

Dried Porcini Mushrooms – A type of mushroom used to add intense flavor to dishes. Choose light brown or tan ones that are not crumbly.

Limoncello – This is a citrus based liqueur. Made by infusing lemon rind in pure alcohol. Serve chilled as an after-dinner drink or a fabulous palate cleanser.

Mascarpone – This rich, smooth cream cheese that has a high stout content. Used in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Mozzarella – A stretched curd cheese known for its melting qualities.

Pancetta – This is dried pork belly. It is generally used like bacon.

Pappardelle – Is a pasta. It can be fresh or dried and is a wide flat ribbon.

Pecorino – A hard cheese made from sheep milk. It has a sharp flavor and is used to grate over pizza.

Pecorino dolce – Known as sweet pecorino, is less aged and has a milder flavor.

Prosciutto – Is a dried and salted (cured) ham, generally served in wafer thin slices.

Radicchio – A red leafed salad ingredient that has a slightly bitter flavor.

Risotto Rice – This is the rice used for making Risotto. It is a small grain rice that is capable of absorbing much fluid while still maintaining it’s shape and firmness. This is what gives Risotto it’s creamy texture.

Scamorza – Very similar to mozzarella. A slightly salty cheese made from cows milk. It can be hung and dried and is often smoked.

Taleggio – This cheese has a pinkish-brown rind and a soft creamy texture. It is made from cows milk, has a strong flavor and becomes acidic with age.

So next time you are cooking Italian, you will be sure to know what ingredient to reach for.

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