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Coffee Making Methods – Making a Great Cup of Coffee

There are a variety of ways to make a cup of coffee. It can be as simple as spooning instant powder into hot water or as complicated as the processes that use sophisticated and expensive coffee makers. Several kinds of coffee making systems are available, some of them upgraded versions of age-ancient methods.

The espresso pressurized infusion machine is one of the more well loved commercial coffee makers. Smaller and more affordable models for the home are becoming more common. The espresso process makes a cup of coffee by forcing water that is under boiling temperature through coffee grounds in order to make a cup of coffee. A precise blend of Arabica beans, usually with a dash of Robusta, will yield espresso coffee with a distinct crema or fine foam on its surface.

Astute coffee enthusiasts know by just looking at the crema — which should have a dark, even honey color — if your blend is of high quality. In Europe, espresso is traditionally a strong blend served in a diminutive demitasse cup. Such a serving is called a small black, and may be made into a long black by adding water, or used as a “shot” to make various other coffee mixes.

Bodum plungers, also known as French Presses, are well loved in both homes and dining establishments. They are a refinement of the unwieldy process of shaking water and coffee in a jug and then emptying out the mix over a filter that sifts away the grounds. In the French Press, coffee grounds that are coarser are placed in hot water, steeped for several minutes and then segregated by pressing down with a gauze filter fitted to the end of a plunger. Depressing the plunger slowly will yield clearer and better-tasting coffee.

A vacuum coffee maker moves coffee and water between chambers using steam and a vacuum to make brilliant-tasting coffee. This system has declined in popularity in recent years, probably because the process used is more intricate and more taxing on one’s patience. But for some people, the resulting quality of the brew is more than enough to make up for the distress. Vacuum coffee makers are now produced under various brand names, but were originally manufactured by Cona.

Available for both commercial and home use, drip or filter coffee makers operate more simply. Water mixed with ground coffee is filtered to a pot that is usually on top of a hotplate. The filter may be metal, plastic or throwaway paper. One drawback is that the water mixed with coffee may not be hot enough to produce brilliant coffee. There are some who swear that they can taste the plastic or paper material used as filter.

Other well loved systems for making coffee include the Turkish ibrik and the Italian mocha pot.

The coffee percolators of ancient, no longer preferred because the water they boil are said to depreciate the taste of coffee, can still be seen in some houses.

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