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Do you know how to grow your own oysters so you can delight in them whenever you want? Remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Growing oysters is much simpler than growing trees or bushes or even bulbs.

All you need is some shells with some spat on it. Now, you may question what is spat? Is it spit gone awry? No indeed. Spat is what the gelatinous substance is called that spews out of the adult oyster that then travels through the water and attaches itself to anything stationary so it has the time and a safe place to grow up to become another oyster.

In order to cultivate your own private oyster bed, first get some shells that have the spat already attached. These are the baby oysters in incubation. Spread the shells on the salt water spit in front of your house. The beauty of the project is that the oysters know exactly what to do so you can go away and leave them alone.

Then, when it is time to harvest, go out to the oyster “bed” on the spit, grab the oyster before it loses the spat, give it a excellent scrub, place it on the BBQ spit at your house and get ready for some excellent eating!

Just remember the order: The spat goes out on the spit before it comes in on the spit so the shell pieces can be spat. Isn’t that much more fascinating than flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s Day?

Kathie Brodie, Hypnotist
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Kathie Brodie is a Hypnotherapist in the Seattle, Washington area who treats clients using exciting and effective modalities, including tuning forks, singing bowls and communication, to find the root of a dread or phobia and rewrite the current script of your life. She has private sessions for weight management, conquering burnout, smoking cessation, as well as help with depression, pain, grief, rage, jealousy, poor self image, study skills, memory, and past life regressions. She also has corporate sessions in the workplace. Kathie has hypnosis CDs for sale and also sells singing bowls and tuning forks. Contact her by e-mail at mailto:kathie@thebaggagehandler kathie@thebaggagehandler or visit her website HarvestoftheHeart.com. HarvestoftheHeart.com.

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