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Just Call Me Mom – Memories Are Waiting To Be Made!

There is a saying that, “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.”

Mothers Day is upon us and every year on Mothers Day my restaurant lays out a fabulous brunch and later, a five course dinner. It is the busiest day of the year at the restaurant. Not even Valentine’s Day is as busy! And that tells me, our mothers and grandmothers and yes – the wives in families are highly honored and respected and …loved. Rightfully so.

So what might you do for your Mom (or yourself and your family) if you don’t go to my restaurant for an elaborate brunch on Mothers Day?

According to the latest information I have available, 35% of Americans go to restaurants on Mother’s Day. What about the rest of the nation? Obviously some stay at home and some go to their relatives (or perhaps friends). Those at home, with or without company, cook for themselves.

So for those not going to a restaurant, how about a simple, but elegant, Mother’s Day Breakfast or Mother’s Day Brunch or Mother’s Day Dinner at home?

If you like to cook, like me, it makes sense to do what you like to do, even on Mother’s Day. Cooking and entertaining are some of the things I do. That’s why I like my work and why I am grateful for the special name I have …”Mom.” Only three small letters to describe a mother’s importance in this world. Only three small letters to describe one of the most powerful, influential persons in everyone’s life.

Cooking and entertaining is about like and sharing, so really Mothers Day is a excellent time to entertain, especially your Mom or mother-in-law, or both. And to do so, husband, sons and daughters and their families and friends are of course invited.

Even on Mother’s Day, there’s no place like home. But there is always a “quid pro quo” from my husband. I don’t expect or question, but he will undoubtedly surprise me with something special. He even has a sign in his office that says, “The most vital thing a father can do for his children is to like their mother.” (Author Unknown)

I guess I may be blessed more than some because my husband and other people in my life are very mindful of my role as a Mom (and spouse) throughout the year – not just on one day during the year.

I don’t believe many people in the U.S. easily escape the over-done commercialism of Mother’s Day. It is the second most profitable gift-giving holiday after Christmas! But I do, and so does my family. This is the reason I chose to write this small article and place together some menu thoughts with the needed recipes you can prepare easily at home.

While writing Mother’s Day menus I always remember a particularly pleased Mother’s Day. I share the tale because I believe it makes a point we all need to remember.

My family celebrated by gathering at my sister’s home. But before enjoying our meal together we went outside and each planted a “Forget-Me-Not” flower in the yard as each one of us shared a favorite memory of our mother. Mom was overjoyed.

“What a special treat!” she exclaimed. We had a wonderful meal and as we ate, more tales about our mother were remembered and told. Pictures of previous times were shared to laughter and thankfulness.

Nearly a miracle, those “Forget-Me-Not” flowers still bloom every year. My Mother always said that was the best Mother’s Day she ever had. No jewelry, no new cloths, no expensive anything. She was pleased with the thoughts and feelings we shared and with the single Mother’s Day card she received from all of us.

So if you are going to prepare a breakfast or brunch or dinner at home, first make certain to adopt my “simple rule.” For a Mother’s Day menu at home, the food and drink must be simple to prepare and most of the items must be make-ahead recipes. That way you can spend time with your loved ones outside of the kitchen. The key to a fun, simple delightful day is to keep everything simple, but tasty – and full of laughter – memorable, in fact.

The key to a successful Mother’s Day is the same as making everyday successful – taking time and being thoughtful. That’s it.

Memories Are Waiting To Be Made! Yours and those of your loved ones. That’s why special days are called “special.”

The suggested menus on my website are excellent ones whether you are preparing a meal for a small group or you are plotting to feed a crowd. Many of the suggested recipes can be made ahead of time, leaving you to relax and delight in your company.

Memories Are Waiting To Be Made!

To access all these wonderful Mothers Day Menu Thoughts and Recipes, just click on real-restaurant-recipes.com/mothers-day-recipes.html Mothers Day and
real-restaurant-recipes.com/mothers-day.html Mom’s Day.

Donna Hager has owned and operated an American-style restaurant for over two decades. More articles and hundreds of recipes can be found on her website that features real restaurant recipes, menus, cooking tips, and much more at real-restaurant-recipes.com Real Restaurant Recipes

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