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Does Coffee Really Taste All That Good?

Or has it just become a habit? Before anyone gets up in arms lambasting this as a blasphemous suggestion, be assured that the question comes not from an observer, but a partaker.

Specific qualifications include: decades of indulging in somewhere between a cup to a quart daily on average; sampling of countless brands; mixing it up with varieties from espresso to cappuccino; often grinding my own beans; and though an early user of cream and sugar, taking it straight longer can be remembered.

Normally coffee gets consumed without much thought. It’s an accepted routine that mostly happens on autopilot. But a while back, after preparing the morning brew, I really paid attention to the first sip.

I suppose there was some anticipation of that tasty initial taste, but it didn’t happen that way. Rather, it really caught me up small just because it was so blah – in fact the taste was really somewhat unappealing. Nor did things improve after drinking more.

The problem was not the coffee – it was a premium brand with a name familiar to all. Likewise, neither was the water, measuring, or anything else in the production process to blame. There was simply no apparent reason for it not to taste excellent.

Initially I wrote it off as some unknown anomaly, but it happened the same for a couple more days. Experiments with switching out the coffee itself, water and other variables didn’t really seem to change much.

Over time, I didn’t notice so much, but then again it’s unusual to notice a lot anyway until later in the morning when the brain kicks into gear. But from time to time I try and savor that first sip especially, to see what I really reckon about it.

The results are still mixed. Sometimes it appears to be pretty excellent, yet others it just seems like coffee – nothing special, just comfortable. Will I continue to drink it – absolutely. Why, is hard to say, but probably that’s where the habit kicks in.

Try an experiment yourself. Savor that next cup and really focus on the taste. Is it really as excellent in your mouth as in your mind?

Or is it sort of like golf, where hitting a perfect shot from time to time keeps us coming back despite all the crummy ones in between?

John Allen writes on a wide range of topics. Visit his blog on eyesonliving.com Simpler Living to read more or obtain feeds. He can also be reached through his travel website j2venture.com/ Caribbean Vacations which focuses on the Eastern Caribbean.

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