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The Future Of Cookies

In this day and age with so many people going on diets and trying to lose weight I have to wonder about the future of homemade cookie making, it was not so long ago that when you went to some ones home to visit on Christmas or some other holiday there was always a batch of homemade cookies of various types and flavors to choose from.

In the area of the U.S. that I live in there is a huge diversification of ethnic culture and you can’t believe all the different types of cookies that you can find in my home town, it ranges from Polish, Russian, Italian, Welsh, Irish, and I can go on and on, the wealth of ethnic recipes that I have here is like finding a gold mine.

With so many people starting to go on diets trying to trim off a few pounds most of the younger generation are not following the family traditions and they are not making cookies as their parents and grandparents did, I have to wonder if all the ancient and tasty recipes will be lost, cookie making and cookie recipes have been around for such a long time it pains me to reckon that all of this will be gone one day.

Cookies and cookie recipes have been around since the 7th Century A.D. when the earliest cookie styles were thought to date back to Persia (now Iran) was one of the first countries to cultivate sugar, historians say sugar originated in the lowlands of Bengal or Southeast Asia, sugar spread to Persia and then to the Eastern Mediterranean. When the Muslim invaded Spain then the developing spice trade, with the cooking techniques and ingredients spreading to North America.

People have been making cookies since Alexander the Fantastic or earlier so why should the baking of cookies and the making of cookie recipes should disappear just because a hand full of people are slightly overweight. Baking cookies and making cookie recipes is an art just as any other art.

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Ann Marie Krause has been making cookies for over 30 years, at persent I am retired, for over 23 years I owned a Gourmet Bakery called The Cheese Confectioner. You can visit my site at annsgoodies.com annsgoodies.com

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