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The Creative Tofu Recipe

As more and more people look for ways to optimize their health they continue to turn a critical eye to the foods they are eating. What they learn is that there are a bevy of tasty and nutritious substitutes for the highly caloric and unhealthy foods they have been eating up until this point. When it comes to finding protein sources that do not contain the cholesterol and stout content found in meat products, people are beginning to rediscover tofu. And as a way to integrate tofu into every day life, people continue to add each tofu recipe that they find into their stockpile of tasty dishes.

Tofu is a soybean based product made from curds that are pressed into useable blocks that can be used in a tofu recipe. Soft tofu, derived directly from soy milk, is extremely moist; because of its similarity to custard, it is often used as an ingredient in a tofu recipe for dessert. Firm tofu, that contains less moisture, holds its shape and is conducive to a main dish tofu recipe. Dried tofu has the lowest moisture content and is most like meat in its texture. When used in a tofu recipe, dried tofu is often crumbled, sliced, or pressed into noodles. Tofu has very small natural flavor; the reason people delight in it is because the tofu found in a tofu recipe really absorbs the flavors of the other ingredients in the dish.

The health benefits of eating a tofu recipe are numerous. High in protein and low in calories, tofu also contains no cholesterol. Research has shown that the soy protein found in tofu may go a long way towards reducing heart disease.

But the benefits of making a tofu recipe extend beyond the health benefits – which are numerous. Tofu can be frozen making it a convenient ingredient for those throw together meals. In many cases tofu can be used as a substitute in any recipe that traditionally calls for meat. Suddenly a meat-based recipe becomes a tofu recipe. Tofu can also be made into a puree and used as a dairy substitute in any tofu recipe.

Tofu is nothing if not versatile; it can be served fried, stewed, raw, grilled, stir fried, in soups, or in filling or stuffing. But no matter what your taste in food, you will likely find a tofu recipe to suit you.

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