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Living in Mexico- Dealing With Those Water Bottles

The way the drinking water gig works in Mexico’s Heartland is, number one, never drink from the tap. Secondly, always buy bottled water for cooking and drinking. You can buy five-gallon bottles in stores. You pay an initial deposit and then you must haul this backbreaking, spine-crushing bottle of water to wherever it is you live and hope you survive the experience. That’s one way you get your drinking water.

The other way is by listening for the water employees. These are strapping young men who drive a mini-truck around the neighborhoods where you live and let you know they are there by screaming “Agua” at ungodly hours of the day. Once you overcome the coma-inducing shock of being awakened, you run to the window and scream back, “Agua.” He follows the sound of your screeching until you make visual contact whereupon you agree to the number of bottles you need.

Currently, we are using this young man who is a freelancer. He comes with water bottles from several of the water companies. He will take your empties and replace them with freshly filled ones. If the company’s water guys come, then you must give them the empty with their mark on it. Water company “X” will not take water company “Y’s” empties. But, the freelancer will.

Problem: The necks of the all the various companies’ bottles do not work with the pumps you can get to pump the water. Theses pumps seem to work with only two of the water company’s bottles. So, you have to make do or you can chose from an assortment of dispensers.

We’ve been using a hand pump that tends to pop off when you are using it on an inerrant bottle. But, there are these water bottle racks you can buy into which you insert the bottles and the thing swivels to allow pouring. The clincher is you have to lift the bottle into it and that will break your back or make you have a really terrible day.

Survival Tips For Living in Mexico’s Heartland:

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