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Don’t Be Just A Vegetarian – Be a Fruitarian

There is no dearth of people who want to lose weight in the wink of an eye. With growing health consciousness among them worldwide, there has been a rapid increase in the number of health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers. But, the result is often not so encouraging. This might happen due to negligence of following your regular exercise routine or following a incorrect diet pattern. Most of the people suffer from a misconception that physical exercise is the only effective solution for losing weight. The truth is physical exercise in combination with a excellent diet pattern lends you effective results.

Your diet should be chalked out in proportion to your BMI (Body Mass Index), i.e. the ratio between your height and weight. Calorie consumption of individuals depends on their BMI. People having a high BMI need to adhere to a strict diet pattern by cutting down on calories through the inclusion of more fruits and vegetables. The role of fruits in your diet chart is extremely vital to allow your bodies consume less extra calories from food. The benefits of fruits can hardly be debated upon. Loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals, this natural resource possesses the capacity to pump out all the toxins from the body. Consumption of fruits and vegetables in appropriate quantities gives the body a healthy glow.

People all over the world are widely appreciating the benefits of fruits. This has led to the emergence of the trend of juicing bars. Be it Seattle, Washington or South Carolina, one can find people from different age groups or professions lined up to have a pick from their favorite fruit juices. Many people argue that fruit juices lose much of their nutrients than raw fruits. Without doubt, consuming raw fruits is the best solution but there are few of us who would really like to do so. Fruit juices are ideal for those who do not like to consume fruits as a whole. Besides, it is simpler for the body to absorb nutrients when consumed in liquid form. Fruits, when pressed, do not lose their nutrients. Fruit juices content the same nutrients and fibers as compared to their raw counterpart.

Apart from the consumption pattern of fruits, it is also vital to glance at some of the other benefits provided by fruits and their juices. According to a research carried by a team of the Glasgow University, a diet rich in fruits and fruit juices reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Fruits contain antioxidants that help in reducing cell hurt caused by free radicals. Adequate amount of fruit consumption can help combat against ageing and diseases in general. Besides, the fiber content in fruits does not allow the body to consume more calories, thus cutting down on extra consumption.

The benefits of fruits can be talked about indefinitely. Fruits can provide resistance from nearly every disease possible. Talking about some of the favorite fruit drinks, watermelon, pineapple, mango, apple, peach, grapes, orange are the most well loved. Watermelon juice is particularly well loved in America for its high water and lycopene content. Citrus juices like orange juice is well loved all over the world, not to overlook the other flavors. These natural drinks are a lot healthier and safer than aerated water or other artificial drinks. So drink your way to health by switching on to fruits. Don’t just be a vegetarian… be a fruitarian!

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