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Nohang – Can You Prevent A Hangover By Using Nohang?


Cogeners are the main cause of a hangover and these are impurities in the drink. Some are left over as a result of the fermentation process while others are from the addition of flavour enhancing chemicals.

They cause inflammation and pain when they get into the bloodstream and fascinatingly the alcohol is a cogener inhibitor. So once your liver has finished removing all that alcohol in all that’s left are the cogeners and that’s where you get the morning after hangover effect.

NoHang is a natural remedy that combats the cogeners to reduce pain.

Another way of avoiding a hangover is to choose drinks that contain less cogeners and the color of the drink is one way of finding out. In general the darker the drink the more cogeners it has.

And also avoid those cheap drinks since the quality of the drink affects the amount of cogeners and the cheaper drinks are filtered less so they have more cogeners in them.

Another factor is the fermentation time – the older the drink the more cogeners it will have e.g. That fine 25 year ancient scotch will have more than the 5 year ancient one!


Dehydration is the other major cause of a hangover since alcohol is a diuretic when you drink you expel more water than you drink. You need water in the blood stream since without it your brain shrinks away from the skull and this is probably where that terrible headache comes from.

Note: Avoid taking tea or coffee as these are also diuretics.

Hangover Prevention

The two best ways to prevent a hangover are to get rid of the effect of the cogeners and re-hydrate.

So you should take lots of water after drinking alcohol and also take NoHang a preventative remedy that combats the effects of cogeners.

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