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Bartending – A Penny For Your Thoughts

For whatever reasons, some occupations have a tendency to take on identities of mythical proportions. Whether it’s from how they’re described in the media, the movies, or just the public at large, but some jobs get more attention and more glamour then they may deserve. Television and the entertainment industry are very skilled at influencing the public thought process. If someone or something is continually described in the media in a certain manner, then eventually the public starts to view the media portrayals as fact. Either the public is too bone idle or doesn’t care that the media may only be showing one side of the tale.

One of the jobs that has been glamorized is bartending. Bartending is just a small role in a larger subject, which is places where people get together. The place where people interact is a very vital part of every day life, so it’s natural to see those places described in movies, but when did bartending become a focal point? Bartenders are the people who make and serve drinks at the bar. Bartending does require some knowledge because everyone doesn’t drink the same beverage and bartenders’ interactions with the public may depend on the type of establishments.

In a posh restaurant setting, the bartender may have small to no contact with the public, but in a cozy bar type setting, the bartender could be in constant contact with the public. The importance of the bartenders has a lot to do with where they’re tending bars. In a restaurant, food is the main focus, so a bartender maybe less relevant, but in a bar where drinking is the focus, then a bartender will have more of an impact. A excellent bartender can make a lot of money from tips. Just like any employee, in any other service business, bartenders are expected to be courteous to the customers.

Anyone, male or female, can be a bartender. There are schools that train people and help them find jobs in the bartending field. Bartending can be a fun job, especially if you’re a people person, but unlike their portrayals in movies, in real life, bartenders are not pseudo-psychiatrists. They can listen to customers, but they’re not trained to give psychological advice. Movies depict bartenders as being part priest, part psychiatrist and part sex adviser, but chances are, if bartenders were any of those things, they probably wouldn’t be tending bars.

It shows the power of suggestion, when a bartender can take on the identity of a super hero. The impact that movies and other forms of media have on the public is huge. People like to believe they’re in control of their own thoughts and make their own decisions, but maybe that’s a lie they tell themselves, so they don’t face the truth. The truth is, people in the entertainment business know how easily the public can be swayed with well placed images. It’s practically impossible to take anything you see or read at face value. Bartending is an okay job, but it’s nowhere near the phenomenon that movies would have you believe.

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